8 Spooky Songs For Anytime (Including Halloween)


You may think you’ve got your Halloween playlist nailed with standards like Thriller and Monster Mash, along with some novelty tunes like the theme from Ghostbusters. But let’s be honest, that playlist can only come out once a year. We won’t argue with the genius of Thriller (which MUST be included on ANY Halloween playlist). But beyond Thriller, we’ve got 8 alternative Halloween tunes that are legit songs in their own right and should be part of your general music rotation. Check it…


1.  Gnarls Barkley The Boogie Monster.  It gets you in the Halloween mood and starts you dancing.


2.  Metallica Enter Sandman. If the beginning of this song doesn’t awaken your inner metal monster, you might not have one.


3.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll. Go ahead, be the villain.


4.  Mussorgsky Night On Bald Mountain. Mussorgsky must’ve spent one crazy night on the mountain to write this tune, made even creepier by the Disney animation.


5.  Harry Belafonte Jump In The Line. A great song, made even better by it’s appearance in our favorite Haloween movie, Beetlejuice!


6.  Spoon The Ghost Of You Lingers. Relationships can be really scary.


7.  Joy Division Dead Souls. For a more depressing Halloween vibe.


8.  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Red Right Hand. The only on the list that actually frightens us.