An 18-Year-Old Icon And Her New Book


Someone please make us as cool as Tavi Gevinson! She’s got serious style and has since at least the age of 11 when she launched the fashion blog, Style Rookie. At 18, she now runs a veritable media empire that evolved from that very blog. She just released Rookie Yearbook Three in bookstores. Oh yeah, and she’s an icon to girls and women worldwide (and men too, we hope) for her writing, her feminism, and her overall awesomeness. Did we mention she is now starring on Broadway?


Rookie Yearbook Three is the third print compilation of articles, photos, illustrations, interviews, and exclusives based on Tavi’s online magazine for teen girls and women, Rookie.



Tavi’s original fashion blog, Style Rookie, first took off when she was around 12, and young Tavi began jetting off to fashion events around the world!



Fast-forward to today where Ms. Gevinson writes about all things pop-culture from a decidedly feminist point of view.



She’s also starring on Broadway in the play, This Is Our Youth, with Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin.


For more, check out the article in Entertainment Weekly.