Artist Creates Iconic Portraits Using Coins as the Canvas


“Marvel Assemble!”

Andre Levy has taken portraits to a tiny scale, using different countries’ currency as the canvas. The Brazilian-born designer who is based in Frankfurt, Germany started this project on Instagram (@zhion). He gained a large following there and on Tumblr. He calls the project, Tales You Lose. Check out some of our favorites below and learn more.


“A Whole New Coin” and “Pirate Treasure”

“What makes some cents more valuable than others are the stories they carry. Sometimes they are just not yet to be seen. Those are the Tales You Lose.” The juxtaposition of coins with pop figures forces viewers to look at things differently. At least that is the hope of the artist. “The paint brings to the faces of kings and presidents borrowed narratives from other famous characters and unleash individual alternative stories.”


“Money Money on the Wall”


“Ceci n’est pas une pièce de monnaie.”


“Alderaanian Pound / One of a Kind / The Vitruvian Wookie”


“Leonard meets Leonardo” and “I Paint what I Paint”


“In the Great Stallion We Trust” and “Back to Amy”

Check out more of Levy’s work: Facebook / Tumblr
Via Hyperallergic