Artists in Motion Contest Winner Announced

This year, Ovation partnered with Subaru in launching the first ever “Artists in Motion” contest.  Out of roughly 200 entries, Eric Leppanen of Maine took home the grand prize for his piece “Full Circle”. The panel of judges based their decision off of originality, and how well the pieces represent the core values of social responsibility, inspire others, and help the community.  Leppanen’s first place prizes included a 30 second interstitial to be shown on air and online (above), as well as a gallery showing in his hometown.

Eric Leppanen[1]

“Full Circle” isn’t the only impressive conception to stem from Eric Leppanen’s imagination. Also from his artistic arsenal is this piece, “Indebted States of America”. Leppanen’s truly unique work uses paint, the 50 state quarters and 169 personal credit cards collected over the past 23 years to create an inventive American flag that bleeds political undertone. Both visually stunning and telling, the piece is a statement on the American economy and banking industry.

Leppanen Indebted States of America