Season 2 Premiere \ Monday July 23 10PM ET

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About the show

In The Bletchley Circle, four women with an extraordinary flair for code breaking and razor-sharp intelligence skills become the unlikely investigators of a string of grisly murders. Susan, Millie, Lucy, and Jean have returned to post-war London, modestly setting aside the part they played in the Allied victory. Their brilliant work at top security HQ Bletchley Park helped crack the codes used by the German military, producing crucial intelligence that shortened the war. Back at home, a race against the clock ensues as the women work to outwit the culprit of a series of murders.

Meet the Cast


Anna Maxwell Martin

Susan, played by two-time BAFTA award–winner Anna Maxwell Martin, is the driving force behind getting the group of women from Bletchley Park back together in an attempt to solve a run of murders. Strong and intelligent, Susan is conflicted between following her instincts and helping solve the crimes and being a good wife and mother. Susan carried out crucial code-breaking work at Bletchley during the Second World War, but has to keep her role secret from others, including her civil servant husband Timothy.


Rachael Stirling

Millie is a brilliant linguist and cartographer. She comes from an aristocratic background, but chose to travel the world after her war service at Bletchley Park. Her street smarts and adventurous side complements Susan’s more serious nature. ballsy, feisty character with an aristocratic background.


Julie Graham

Jean now works as a librarian and brings her expertise in digging into records to track down murderers. She was in charge of the women at Bletchley Park and maintains being the stern and dedicated voice of the group.


Sophie Rundle

With an extraordinary photographic memory, Lucy plays a vital role in The Bletchley Circle. Lucy is its youngest member, but is determined to help solve crimes and even puts herself in danger to do so.