Find Out Why The LA Times Is Talking About “Touching The Art”


The L.A. Times Blog just called Touching The Art, “Weird And Cool.” The article also talks up the Ovation web series’ upcoming trip to Art Basel Miami Beach, and the show’s highly-anticipated second season. Check it!

From the Los Angeles Times Blog:

Utter the words “TV show about art” and chances are that you’ll think harp music and agreeable nuns. But “Touching the Art,” the online series created by the Ovation network, has ditched the public television formula for something edgier: a round-table hosted by artist and comedian Casey Jane Ellison that asks all the big questions about art — “Is art evil? Is the Internet dead? Why is everything so pomo?” — and attempts to answer them in less than eight minutes.

The show, which was launched over the summer on Ovation’s YouTube channel, has just gotten a green light for a second season (which will start airing sometime in early 2015). In addition, Ellison and the program will be part of the third iteration of the New Museum’s triennial exhibition of emerging artists in New York in February.

As if that isn’t keeping everyone busy enough, this week, Ellison and the Ovation crew will be in South Florida for Art Basel Miami Beach and the related cluster bomb of fairs, events and poolside parties.

“Hopefully we’ll be doing something fun and weird and cool,” says Ellison. “I’ve never been to Basel. It’s probably going to be insane.”

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