Journy is the brand new travel-lifestyle app powered by Ovation, and made for the culturally curious viewer. Our programming centers around world travel, cultural tourism, and global citizenry, paired with immersive experiences and unique storytelling. Utilizing a network of talented and dedicated travel filmmakers, producers and creators, Journy brings together the voices and stories that make us connected and human.

Discover series that move and inspire you to follow your wanderlust and explore your passions, however you want, whenever you want. Designed for the mobile, tech-savvy, consumer, Journy is delivered across the platforms and devices you love.


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Jacuzzi Surfer

Grab your surfboard and sunscreen, it's time to catch some waves! 🏄 Travel across the most beautiful California beaches with surfing greats like Rob Machado and Kei Kobayashi.

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Passport Heavy

Passport Heavy is your in-depth video series covering everything you need to know about everywhere you want to go and the places you have yet to discover.

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Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros.

Join two Southern gentlemen as they tour the South on a culinary journey like no other. Journy takes you inside the world of “food archeologists” Matt and Ted Lee, who bring to life the cultures and stories behind signature Southern cuisine.

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Local Adventurer

Local Adventurer is a travel and lifestyle series that follows Esther and Jacob as they move to a new city each year. They focus on one year, long enough to find hidden gems and temporary enough to push them to get out and explore often.

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Great Wide Open

Directed by Jared Leto, this documentary series celebrates America’s National Parks and the adventurers who explore them.

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This innovative series follows a team of eccentric, adrenaline junkies as they bring travel adventures to life using drone technology from their company Pigeon Vision. 

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The Wanderers

Profiling six of Australia’s most-exciting muralists, this series visits inspiring locations of each artist’s choice.

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Finding the Warrior Within 

This series follows the adventures of Guillaume Sanchez, a passionate dancer who challenges himself to learn the indigenous dance of the Dayaks, the native people of Borneo.

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Where the Wind Blows

WHERE THE WIND BLOWS is the story of four diverse professional kiteboarders, who despite their exotic winter adventures, find their way back to the Gorge each summer.

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Global Girl Travels

Behind Global Girl Travels is the fearless Jessica Peterson.

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The Art Of

This series explores creative fields that fall outside the traditional definition of “art.”

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Hanksy Presents: Surplus Candy

1 Mansion, 50+ Artists, No Brands, No Money, 1 Night Only.

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The Da Vinci List: Chefs

Meet the modern culinary artists who have transformed their fields.

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American Canvas

Travel across the country with host Dave Holmes as American Canvas seeks out the nation’s hottest art and cultural events.

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Kyle Supley's Out There!

People come to New York City to discover creative culture and characters - but not everyone knows where find them.

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Lyndsey and Robin are two young and in love travelers. We follow these two vagabonds as they roam the world discovering the ins and outs of each destination.



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