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Young Marvels

Ovation’s new series, “Young Marvels,” looks at the incredible children who are making landmark achievements in all areas of the arts. 

A Young Doctor's Notebook

Jon Hamm (Mad Men, Million Dollar Arm) and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, Kill Your Darlings) return for Season Two of A Young Doctor’s Notebook, the critically-acclaimed black comedy series based on the memoirs of a young doctor’s life in a remote village in early 20th century Russia.

The Art Of:

Explore the art that’s all around us — from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, to the objects we use every day.

Raiders of the Lost Art

Raiders of the Lost Art tells the fascinating stories behind such famous heists as the Mona Lisa, the looted Nazi trove, and the missing Fabergé eggs.

The Fashion Fund

Follow Vogue magazine's legendary editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, as she and the Council of Fashion Designers of America take aspiring designers on the journey of a lifetime – the competition for Fashion Fund Designer of the Year.

Capture with Mark Seliger

World-renowned celebrity photographer Mark Seliger (Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone) pairs with other legendary shooters and A-list celebrities to explore the many angles of photography and shed insight into their unforgettable work.

Big Ballet

(2014) Ovation proudly presents Big Ballet, a three-part series that chronicles the highs and lows of a plus-size amateur troupe mounting a production of Swan Lake. 

The Artful Detective

It's 1890s Toronto, and Detective William Murdoch cracks the toughest cases using Steampunk technology in this weekly Ovation mystery series. Follow Murdoch as he employs unorthodox methods of detection to solve the most intricate mysteries.

Song by Song

Exclusive interviews with musicians as they share intimate memories and stories about the inspiration and impact of their most popular songs.


(2014) Ovation’s round-up of upcoming content across all platforms includes film teasers and classic movie trailers, sneak peeks at web series, and glimpses of innovative streaming television series. Hosted by Marc Istook.

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#TBT: 1980 Art Rewind

This week on Throwback Thursday’s Art Rewind, Ovation features the year of stretch pants, florals, and the Miracle on Ice, 1980. So impress your friends with your trivia chops, [...]

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Inside Iran’s Islamic Art

For most Americans, Iran is like a foreign country. Wait, it IS a foreign country! But sadly, one that many are unlikely to visit due to restrictions on travel, [...]

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