The Artful Detective

It's 1890s Toronto, and Detective William Murdoch cracks the toughest cases using Steampunk technology in this weekly Ovation mystery series. Follow Murdoch as he employs unorthodox methods of detection to solve the most intricate mysteries.

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S6 E4 - A Study in Sherlock

Sat, Aug 23, 2014

6:00 PM

S6 E5 - Murdoch Au Naturel

Sat, Aug 23, 2014

7:00 PM

S6 E6 - Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom

Sat, Aug 23, 2014

8:00 PM

S4 E4 - Downstairs, Upstairs

Mon, Aug 25, 2014

2:00 PM

S4 E5 - Monsieur Murdoch

Mon, Aug 25, 2014

3:00 PM


Do you remember how awesome the music was in 1987? We were rocking out while we were writing this #TBT blog! Whitney Houston! George Michael! Fleetwood Mac! Also, Tune-in to our #TBT feature, No Way Out at 8 ET/5 PT!

Posted 8 hours, 57 minutes ago

Les RobertsSo enjoy his movies, he was and is a handsome man. Love the picture8 hours, 26 minutes ago

Barbara Hudson PhelpsWow. He is so good looking8 hours, 36 minutes ago

Miriam C. BustamanteYo quiero uno así siiiuii jasssaa6 hours, 32 minutes ago

Bobbie JutrasLoved that movie49 minutes ago

Maryrue McKownYoung Kevin Costner .1 hour, 48 minutes ago

Deby Huddleston-TaylorJust gets better looking3 hours, 6 minutes ago

Sherry DerrickNice3 hours, 30 minutes ago

Jasmine LiuYummy3 hours, 44 minutes ago

Karen BurnettYum.. handsome then and now!5 hours, 2 minutes ago

Evy SchliefHe is so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!5 hours, 11 minutes ago

Susana Robles MaldonadoSo Guapo5 hours, 46 minutes ago

Rosario Harker<35 hours, 46 minutes ago

Rosalinda Felicie👍 Kevin the handsome devil!!6 hours, 12 minutes ago

Carole LewisWhere's the LOVE Button?6 hours, 27 minutes ago

Maureen Donovan HelmsSo young!6 hours, 29 minutes ago

Linda Isenmann MartenHello Kevin Costner.6 hours, 42 minutes ago

Maria Tovalin JimenezOh my!7 hours, 31 minutes ago

Lana DanrichForgot how incredibly handsome he is :)8 hours, 10 minutes ago

Lisa GrayKevin Had A small Part In Silverado "Great movie" before This One "No Way Out " i knew i was looking At a Star ;)8 hours, 11 minutes ago

Rebeca CoelloGuapo8 hours, 28 minutes ago

Susan Diane FreelHe was so handsome then.8 hours, 41 minutes ago

Kathleen R. MattsGorgeous7 hours, 50 minutes ago

Happy Birthday to Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton's longtime collaborator and Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum inductee!

Posted 14 hours, 1 minute ago

Pattie JohnstonHappy birthday. You looked better before the plastic surgery though.13 hours, 13 minutes ago

Markeeta RobertsI have loved your music since the 9th grade. I'm 60 now and I still love it.11 hours, 42 minutes ago

Rae Deana JewellWhat have you done to yourself man? NOT COOL7 hours, 29 minutes ago

Lisa Sampson-MillsDang Kenny. I think that you got ripped by your surgeon. What did you pay his lunch money for the month.12 hours, 30 minutes ago

Karl MaloneHappy Birthday12 hours, 32 minutes ago

Ruth CauseyI met him. Not a nice person.. Nothing like I thought. :(12 hours, 37 minutes ago

Brenda Lee SalinasHappy Birthday Kenny.....God Bless You1 hour, 50 minutes ago

Patty PerezStill looking good Kenny--Happy Birthday2 hours, 5 minutes ago

Mary Ann RhinehartVery Happy Birthday Mr. Kenny Rogers May you be Blessed with Many more to come, Love You and your voice, been a fan since I can remember......2 hours, 8 minutes ago

Marco PeresHappy your music2 hours, 24 minutes ago

Linda StiverNice pic. Happy Birthday n many more3 hours, 5 minutes ago

Tina SvobodaHappy Birthday!3 hours, 20 minutes ago

Marilyn Mathis-EverdHappy Birthday Kenny.3 hours, 25 minutes ago

Veronica MonsevaisHappy birthday to you!3 hours, 29 minutes ago

Ramona ConantHappy Birthday looking good.4 hours, 4 minutes ago

Rose Kluever ClearmontHappy birthday, Kenny!!!4 hours, 8 minutes ago

Deanna WilsonHappy Birthday Kenny Rodgers4 hours, 30 minutes ago

Debbie JonesHappy Birthday. You have always been a great Singer.4 hours, 31 minutes ago

Linda L. SeeleyHappy Birthday. My husband always teased when I listen to your songs. I enjoy your music very much.6 hours, 28 minutes ago

Katherine HendersonReally..what happen to his face???7 hours, 20 minutes ago

Michelle Baker-ZimmermanHappy Birthday! But, what did you do? You don't even look like yourself.....Shame.8 hours, 50 minutes ago

Steven WahlHappy birthday. you want to file a lawsuit against your plastic surgeon...!9 hours, 1 minute ago

Joan BibeaultHappy birthday!! You look hooter than you ever did..10 hours, 49 minutes ago

Kathleen R. MattsHappy Birthday Kenny Xoxoxo11 hours, 43 minutes ago

Jenny Lee WiscombeHappy birthday11 hours, 44 minutes ago