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About the show

X Company is set in the thrilled and dangerous world of WWII espionage and covert operations. Inspired by the true story of Camp X, a top secret Allied spy training facility in Lake Ontario, we follow the stories of five highly skilled young recruits, torn from their ordinary lives and trained to conduct one risky mission after another to help Allied forces change the world.

Meet the Cast


Connor Price

Spy Specialty: Explosives & Gadgets.

A bespectacled young man like Harry would never have imagined himself parachuting into a war zone. He’s much better suited to hushed conversations at the U of T library with his classmates, or secret experiments in his parents’ garage with volatile chemicals, or sending high-speed Morse code messages. But his encyclopedic mind in the areas of weapons, explosives and engineering make him a very valuable asset to Special Operations. Harry is the little brother of the group, thrilled at the chance to play what he considers a modest part in such an important struggle.


Warren Brown

Spy Specialty: Combat & Weapons

Neil is a lean, moving wall of muscle with razor-sharp reflexes and a quick, calculating brain. He fought against the prejudice of being working-class by becoming a cop, looking for justice in the rough streets of London. From there, he accepted a posting in Shanghai, working anti-riot squads, breaking street gangs and becoming one of the first Westerners to earn a black belt. Now, he brings his knowledge of hand-to-hand combat to Camp X: he teaches his team how to kill with their bare hands, and how to survive when all seems lost. Neil’s hatred of the Germans is driven by the loss of his family, who were wiped out in the Blitz.


Evelyne Brochu

Spy Specialty: Undercover Specialist

Daughter of a German-Jewish father and a French-Canadian mother, Aurora was raised fluently trilingual – and very aware of being an outsider. Often bullied in the schoolyard, Aurora learned to fight back. Her master plan was simple: be better than everyone else. At everything. She’s driven, ambitious, uncompromising, and competitive. She was working in Paris as a journalist when France fell to the Germans, and she knew immediately what her skills destined her to do: beat the bullies back without mercy. By the word, by the sword, whatever it takes. Her language skills and her first-hand experience in the field – not to mention her chameleon-like ability to blend in nearly anywhere – made her a perfect candidate for recruitment to Camp X.


Dustin Milligan

Spy Specialty: Propoganda & Seduction

Tom’s childhood heroes were cowboys, warriors, and pirates. So when he hears the call for adventure – a chance to be all three? He doesn’t think twice as he is brought in through the door of Camp X. Athletic, intuitive, charismatic and confident, he’s just young enough to believe he’s invulnerable… and just impulsive enough to keep his team on the edge of trouble. But beyond Tom’s impatience to get out there and kick Nazi butts, he’s a natural-born salesman. A former Madison Avenue wunderkind, Tom is intimately familiar with the mechanics of persuasion. He knows how to get under people’s skin, push their buttons, and inspire them to acts of courage.


Jack Laskey

Spy Specialty: Near Perfect Memory

A young man with a gentle soul, and a hero ready to happen, Alfred is burdened with an uncommon condition – synesthesia – that cross-wires one sense with another in the brain. But, it is through the synesthesia Alfred has a perfect memory and thus an invaluable skill for becoming a spy. He will be able to forever retain complex codes, conversations, and all kinds of covert intelligence. But in war, sometimes the biggest struggle is to forget what you’ve seen. Alfred never can. His perfect memory can also be his most dangerous vulnerability if he falls into enemy hands.