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About the show

Te Radar travels the world to discover the most spectacular feats of innovation in the fight to preserve the environment. In “Across the World with Te Radar,” our host travels to China, Africa, Dubai, England, and Borneo. Radar explores everything from British cars fueled by waste chocolate diesel to American algae and alligator fat oil alternatives. His adventures take him to places where people find creative, albeit unorthodox solutions to champion environmental responsibility. Across the World with Te Radar is fun and engaging. This firsthand look at how human innovation is tackling the frontiers of climate change is exciting and essential viewing.

Meet the Cast

Te Radar

Te Radar

Te Radar is a television personality and comedian from New Zealand. Under his birth name, Andrew Lumsden, he studied law but eventually pivoted to theater, where he adapted his nickname “Radar,” after the character in the iconic television series, M*A*S*H. Te Radar’s comedy tends to focus on his interests in travel and history. As a result, his work led him to presenting radio travel documentaries for Radio New Zealand. From chronicling his travels through the Arab-Israeli conflict to documenting his attempt at 10 months of sustainable living, Radar has created an awareness while exploring solutions to some of the world's most critical problems.