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About the show

Get excited for another mystery-filled Agatha Christie installment! Set in cold-war Britain, in the quaint suburbs of 1950s London, the Beresfords are in desperate need of some adventure. Meet Tommy and Tuppence, a crime-fighting duo, who also happens to be... married!

Meet the Cast

Tommy Beresford

David Walliams

Tommy is a simple man. He says it quite often himself! He tries to look after his spirited wife, Tuppence, and his son, George, but let's be honest, he isn't the most business oriented. What he does have though, is a knack for espionage and crime-solving! This is the beginning of a new career for this humble man!

Tuppence Beresford

Jessica Raine

When the opportunity to help British Intelligence, this housewife threw away her apron without even looking back! She is the detective she never knew she could become and, without her and her husband's help, many mysteries would have gone unsolved.


Matthew Steer

Albert is your trusty and quirky chemistry teacher and, now part-time agent. After meeting Tommy in hospital while recovering from an injury, the two reconnect and become Tommy and Tuppence science and technical expert during their missions.

Major Anthony Carter

James Fleet

He may be Tommy's uncle, but Major Carter also oversees "The Third Floor", a special branch of the British Military Intelligence. Although Carter is responsible for Tommy & Tuppence new line of work, he tries his hardest to help and protect them from danger.

Rita Vandemeyer

Alice Krige

Rita Vandemeyer is a faded soprano who has suspicious connections to the legendary Soviet assassin Mr. Brown.

Julius Hersheimmer

Clarke Peters

Julius Hersheimmer is a self-made man who hires Tommy and Tuppence to help find his missing cousin.