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About the show

Up-and-coming street magician Zack Mirza strives to take his magic skills to the next level. In this new docu-series, Zack is on a quest to become one of the best, in the same league as Blaine, Copperfield and Houdini. But first he must rise to the challenge of performing brand new illusions in twelve cities in twelve weeks.

Zack walks in the footsteps of the greats and brings his brand of street magic to cities like Toronto, New York, Austin, Las Vegas and Detroit. In each city, Zack focuses on a different style of magic like mentalism, escapes, or card magic. He wows locals with tricks on the street, and digs deep into each city's magic culture.

Drawing inspiration from history's greatest magicians, Zack performs all new effects and puts his own spin on classic illusions. All of Zack's magic is performed live in front of real people, without the use of camera tricks, leaving viewers captivated by the genuine, larger-than-life reactions.

Meet the Cast

Zack Mirza

Magician Host

Zack Mirza is a street magician born in England, but raised in Toronto, Ontario for most of his life. He has been performing since the age of 10, ever since he was brought on stage by a magician at a carnival in London.

Since that day, magic became an obsession and he has spent hours learning and perfecting the art form. At the age of 15, Zack quickly garnered the attention of the local community, which allowed him to travel with the Toronto Argonauts and perform for the team before every game, meet Mohammed Ali while performing at a fundraiser, and performing his magic on live television. Little he did know, that would only be the tip of the iceberg.

Zack’s unique style and creative aesthetic have played a large role in his presence as an entertainer. His personal fashion style is upscale, urban and street, focusing on minimal branding and clean silhouettes. He keeps his style contemporary and is constantly up to date with current trends.

Zack thrives at street magic, because he is relatable, personable, and conversational. He can quickly identify who on the street will give the biggest and most interesting reactions, and is able to draw the best crowds with his ease, skills, and mystique.