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About the show

Inside Versailles is an exclusive live talk show that is a weekly deep dive into the world of Louis XIV’s Versailles. It airs immediately following every Saturday’s brand-new episode. Host Chelsea Cannell (Fox Sports, E!) will chat with cast members Tygh Runyan (Fabien) & Evan Williams (Chevalier) about all of the behind-the-scenes details and scoop from the final season of the beloved drama. The show will appeal to die-hard Versailles lovers who will be treated to fan questions and games.

  • Episode 1 now available!
    • Evan Williams and Tygh Runyan speculate about who could be the mysterious man in the iron mask. They also play a game involving one of the best French pastries: macarons.
  • Episode 2 now available!
    • Evan Williams and Tygh Runyan discuss all the royal comings and goings in the court of Versailles. They play a game full of historically accurate insults.

    Meet the Cast


    Tygh Runyan

    Fabien's loyalty will be put to the test in the final season of Versailles. He deals with a crisis of conscience and is not sure whom to trust. An unlikely alliance forms between Fabien and Philippe as they search for the Man in the Iron Mask.

    Fun fact about actor Tygh Runyan: he has been an avid guitar player since childhood. He released 5 albums and toured extensively with the experimental rock back Beans. He is now part of the LA-based band Corredor.


    Evan Williams

    In the final season, Chevalier finds new love at the Versailles court. This unexpected romance forces Chevalier to give up his selfish ways and take on a cause.

    Fun fact about actor Evan Williams: he's musically inclined and plays the guitar and piano!


    Chelsea Cannell

    Chelsea Cannell has covered entertainment and sports for TV networks and digital channels such as Fox Sports, E!, NBC, ABC, Yahoo!,, and She previously hosted “That Morning Show” on E!, talking to guests about news, cooking, fitness, fashion, and other lifestyle topics. She has also reported on the 2012 London Summer Olympics and appeared on award shows and New Year’s Eve segments on behalf of Dick Clark Productions.