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About the show

This fantasy series features an ancient organization dedicated to protecting the world from a secret, magical reality. Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) leads a group of scholars and adventurers who solve impossible mysteries, fight supernatural threats, and recover powerful artifacts, including the Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Destiny, and Excalibur.

Meet the Cast

Flynn Carsen

Noah Wyle

Flynn Carsen is a scholar with extensive training and knowledge. He recruits a team of extraordinary people to save the world from evil over and over again. He has a roguish charm and great sword-fighting technique to help him out of any jam.

Eve Baird

Rebecca Romijn

Eve Baird was a counterterrorism agent for NATO. She now uses her military background to protect Flynn and his new recruits during their adventures. Baird is by the book when it comes to solving mysteries, which often leads to conflict with her rebellious team.

Cassandra Cillian

Lindy Booth

Cassandra Cillian was a hospital attendant with the extraordinary gift of synesthesia, the ability to link all five senses to her memory, and magic. Her expertise is in math and science. She is naive but still jumps headfirst into adventure.

Jacob Stone

Christian Kane

Jacob Stone was a cowboy working on a pipeline in Oklahoma. He’s secretly a published scholar and holds encyclopedic knowledge of art, architecture, and history. He has to come to terms with being smarter than the average country boy.

Ezekiel Jones

John Kim

Ezekiel Jones is a world-class thief with an alarming lack of conscience. He’s a master technician with a knack for getting in and out of tight spots. He loves his new job but still struggles to not break the rules.


John Larroquette

Jenkins is the reclusive caretaker of the Metropolitan Library’s Annex in Oregon. He’s a hermit by nature, who enjoys tinkering with gadgets in his laboratory. Jenkins knows the real history behind all of your favorite stories, including Santa Claus.