March 15, 2017

Los Angeles, CA – March 15, 2017: “The decision to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities is a new low point for the current Administration. By ignoring the voices of millions of Americans, and focusing on the ill-informed advice of organizations like The Heritage Foundation, President Trump has taken an ax to one of the best investments the federal government makes year in and year out. Rather than the short-sighted point of view that the arts are a frivolity or a luxury not worthy of federal funding, this Administration fails to recognize the well-documented fact that arts and culture industries generate $22.3 billion in revenue to local, state and federal governments every year, and create 4.13 million full-time jobs, generating $86.68 billion in household income. The arts are also one of America’s biggest exports. So, if the contention is that eliminating the NEA and NEH budgets are somehow going to save the federal government money, then someone needs to check the batteries in their calculator. According to 21st century economists, the arts are a valuable commodity for U.S. consumers, as well as a strong contributor to America’s economic vitality.”

— Liz Janneman, Executive Vice President, Network Strategy, Ovation TV.