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About the show

Renowned chef Peter Kuruvita embarks on a breathtaking journey of culinary discovery through the vibrant, mouth-watering world of Mexican cuisine. His mission is to uncover the heart of Mexico’s food culture and let the passion of its people inspire his own take on some of their most prized dishes.

Peter Kuruvita will travel the length and breadth of the country and discover a land that has had more influence on the global palate than any other country. If it weren’t for Mexico, we wouldn’t have tomatoes, chilli, avocado, squash, vanilla, chocolate and that most staple of ingredients – corn. What other country can claim such versatile favorites? From tacos to tamales, salsas to sizzling pork, Peter will discover it all before attempting his own versions, filmed at some of the most eye-popping locations he’s ever cooked in. Think you know Mexican food? Think again!

Meet the Cast

Peter Kuruvita

Peter Kuruvita

Peter Kuruvita is an Australian chef, restaurateur and media personality. His is widely known for his rich, culturally inspired cooking, which is heavily influenced by his Sri Lankan father and Austrian mother.