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About the show

Behind each dish is a story of survival. These chefs survived wars in their homeland and sought freedom elsewhere. Some of them didn't immediately acknowledge their heritage after escaping. They now celebrate family recipes from their home countries, change perceptions, and enrich the cities where they've built new lives.

Each episode is a cinematic and intimate journey to uncover how:

  • Anh Le has established a food institution in Denmark through her restaurants.
  • Yia Vang embodies the Hmong people through food in Minneapolis.
  • Javad Ghaderi kept his Afghan nationality a secret for decades and now runs a Persian restaurant in Wollongong, Australia.
  • Anita Saborn serves Indonesian food as it is, spicy and full-bodied, in Paris.
  • Chef Dorjee, a former Tibetan Buddhist monk, shares Tibetan nomad cuisine with Washington D.C. locals.
  • Ahmad finds refuge in London through his home cooking and the Aleppo Supper Club.
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