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Network Premiere \ Saturday May 8 7PM ET

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About the show

In Riviera, the immaculate life of art curator Georgina (Julia Stiles) is blown apart when her collector husband Constantine Clios is killed in an explosion aboard the yacht of a Russian oligarch. Believing there is more to the tragedy, she sets out to uncover what happened. She finds dark truths about Constantine's dealings.

As she begins to realize who she was really married to, Georgina enters a spiral of moral descent. She becomes immersed in a world of lies, double-dealing, and criminality. She enlists the help of Constantine's son Adam (Iwan Rheon) and befriends his ex-wife (Lena Olin). In order to maintain the Clios' legendary Côte d'Azur mansion and protect the family and its vast fortune, she will have to learn to adapt, survive, and ultimately thrive in her dangerous new reality. As she first proved back in her days as a fine art scholar in the US, she's an A-plus student....
In Season 2 of Riviera, Georgina (Julia Stiles) tries to find a way to live with her actions from the Season One finale, but secrets from her past force her to explore her turbulent childhood against her will. After an unprecedented and unavoidable visit to her childhood home, Georgina returns with a refreshed sense of self to re-establish her power and position in the family alongside her charismatic confidant, uncle Jeff (Will Arnett).


Meet the Cast

Georgina Clios

Julia Stiles

Georgina, an intelligent, Midwestern girl, marries into the billionaire Clios family. Georgina was formerly Constantine Clios’s art curator. Georgina’s life is rocked when her husband is killed in a mysterious explosion while on a Russian oligarch’s mega-yacht. This leads to a domino effect of revelations as Georgina embarks on her own investigation to discover who killed her husband, and why.

Georgina begins to learn the truth that the family she married into is not what they seem. Georgina must quickly learn to deal with the dark underworld of the ultra-wealthy.

Irina Clios

Lena Olin

Irina is the matriarch of the Clios family. Known as Madame Clios, she heads her own charitable foundation and maintains her role as a linchpin of the Riviera gliteratti. Irina is willing to do anything to maintain her position in society, including bartering her body.

She has three children from her marriage with Constantine: Adam, Christos, and Adriana. Irina has a complicated relationship with each of her children. She openly favours Christos, and though she tries to support her eldest son Adam’s artistic endeavours, she can’t help but feel disappointed in him. Her relationship with her only daughter Adriana is strained. However, after Christos is kidnapped, she is forced to reassess her plans and grudgingly becomes an ally of Georgina.

Adam Clios

Iwan Rheon

Adam Clios is the eldest son of Constantine and Irina. He has largely rejected his family’s opulent existence in favor of a simpler lifestyle.

By removing himself in this way, he is able to maintain good relationships with all of his family apart from Christos. He envies his brother, Christos, for being the apparent heir of the Clios empire. He is much closer to his younger sister Adriana. Beneath Adam’s charm and relaxed nature hides deep resentment, since Constantine never believed his eldest son had what it took to inherit the family business and overlooked him in favor of Christos.

Christos Clios

Dimitri Leonidas

Christos Clios is the younger son of Constantine and Irina. Christos is brash and self-confident. He embraces the lavish lifestyle of a young, handsome multi-millionaire on the Riviera.

He worked hard to please his father: he studied at Harvard Business School and then joined him on the executive team of the Clios bank. After his father’s death, Christos becomes the head of the Clios business empire, but nurses a dark secret. He has a crippling drug and gambling addiction that threatens to destroy his life in Monaco.

Robert Carver

Adrian Lester

Robert Carver first met Georgina in the Courtauld Institute of Art. She, like him, is an outsider. Robert is Georgina’s closest confidante.

He is a pragmatic man and will try his hand at anything to achieve the status that has always been denied him. Robert uses his knowledge of the art world and forgeries to play everyone for a fool, maybe even Georgina.

Adriana Clios

Roxane Duran

Adriana is the youngest daughter of Constantine and Irina. She has always felt a distance between herself and her parents and feels out of place in her own family. She is trying to find her identity and sexuality.