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About the show

In this conspiracy thriller, an industrial malfunction leaves deep ramifications within the UK government. After over 19 people are left dead from the accident in the Northern UK town of Teesside, questions start to be raised about the US chemical company involved.

The Prime Minister goes to deal with the problem, but upon his return from Teesside, his plane crashes mysteriously. Then Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins has to step up and find out what is actually going on and seek justice for the victims. The plot thickens because an election is coming up.

Meet the Cast

Tom Dawkins

Gabriel Byrne

Tom Dawkins is the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK. He has to step up to solve the conspiracy that may have killed the Prime Minister. He’s reluctant to step into the Prime Minister's shoes, but ultimately decides to take on the challenge.

John Hodder

Charles Dance

John Hodder is the chief whip in Parliament. He encourages Dawkins to take on the Prime Minister role and lead the country.

Agnes Evans

Ruth Negga

Agnes Evans works at a surveillance company that is tracking government officials. She comes across secret information and wants to use it to help the country, but has to do it covertly.