S1 : E2

The Secret Adversary: Part 2

Tommy and Tuppence go undercover; he as a member of Brown's gang and she as a maid to a potential suspect.

S1 : E3

The Secret Adversary: Part 3

The Beresfords' search for Jane Finn comes to a close as they finally uncover the identity of Mr. Brown.

S1 : E4

N or M?: Part 1

Tommy is sent on a secret mission to discover the identity of Soviet spy staying at a seaside guest-house; Tuppence refuses to be left behind.

S1 : E106


Tuppence vs. Tommy

S1 : E104

Defaced Billboard

Tommy is annoyed by this man.

S1 : E109

Face of Danger

Tuppence and Tommy run in the face of danger!

S1 : E103

Mixing Business With Pleasure

Tuppence and Tommy: Mixing business with pleasure

S1 : E108


Smelling a rat…

S1 : E102

She’s All About That Mystery

Tuppence Beresford is on the case.

S1 : E101

That Darn Tommy: Pants

Tuppence shows Tommy who’s boss.

S1 : E107

We’re a Team Now

It’s better when it’s a trio!