Enjoy behind-the-scenes content of ABT Across America. This summer American Ballet Theatre will delight fans all across the country traveling by bus for unique outdoor, pop-up performances featuring 20 ABT dancers over 21 days in 8 U.S. cities.

S1 : E3

ABT Across America: Chicago

Welcome to the Windy City! The ABT Across America tour dazzles fans in Chicago, and the dancers also get a chance to check out the city’s many notable sights!

S1 : E2

ABT Across America: Iowa City

The ABT Across America tour continues, spreading optimism with fans in Iowa City.

S1 : E1

ABT Across America: Lincoln

The ABT Across America tour kicked off in Lincoln, Nebraska delighting fans at Pioneers Park.

S1 : E4

ABT Across America: Minneapolis

The ABT Across America tour put on fours shows in Minneapolis, and the dancers give us a glimpse of their elaborate costumes and the hair & makeup process.

S1 : E5

ABT Across America: St. Louis

A mayoral proclamation to the ABT Across America tour was honored in St. Louis.

S1 : E101

EXTRA: ABT Across America Teaser Promo

Traveling across the United States in a caravan of 6 sleeper buses and 3 production trucks, ABT Across America will truly be a one-of-kind live performance experience.

S1 : E103

EXTRA: Dancer Profiles

Meet the immensely talented dancers of the ABT Across America tour. From their commitment to dance from a young age, to their passion for performance and ABT’s mission of excellence, these dancers give viewers a closer look at their inspiring art form.

S1 : E102

EXTRA: Origin Story

ABT was inspired by their history of cross-country tours in the 1940s and 1950s. Challenged by COVID-19, the company remained committed to their mission of optimism, and continued to thrive in “ballet bubbles” throughout the pandemic. Now the wait is over, and ABT will bring their show direct to audiences nationwide.