A Season At The Juilliard School: The New School Year

Among the students starting this new school year are Mariella, a young 17-year old violinist, Mathis, also 17, a pianist and the youngest student in the jazz department, and Raymond, who is 21 and is training to become a professional dancer. Austin, Lars and Ryan are entering their third year in the drama division.

A Season At The Juilliard School: On Stage!

Raymond’s 4th year dance class is rehearsing a piece with Czech choreographer Jarek Cemerek Marielle will be playing Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique with the Juilliard orchestra. Lars and Austin, both actors, will be performing at a centre for young drug addicts. John, a baritone, and his girlfriend Wallis, a mezzo-soprano, will be singing in front of the other students.

A Season At The Juilliard School: Other Horizons

In this episode, Mariella, a violinist, takes tap-dancing lessons and philosophy lessons. Raymond, a dancer, is taking drama lessons. Ryan, Lars and their drama classmates are working on singing and a musical comedy, a key discipline of actor training in the US. This episode follows them rehearsing and performing their cabaret show.

Alinea in Residence Madrid

Grant Achatz is a world leader in gastronomy. His Michelin three-star restaurant Alinea is renowned for the quality of Achatz's cooking and his constant innovation, as he is always searching for new ideas and concepts.

Andy Warhol's Factory People

Take and in-depth look at the lives and times of the unique people who spent exclusive time with Andy Warhol and worked at the Factory during the silver sixties, making it all click as a new counter-culture arose and began to exert its influence throughout the arts scene in New York. Features never before seen archival footage and intimate interviews with the Warhol "stars" who knew Andy best, including Billy Name, Ultra Violet, Gerard Malanga and Taylor Mead.

Antiques To The Rescue: Borris House

Antiques Roadshow regular John Foster helps to prop up struggling historic houses by uncovering valuable heirlooms that the families can sell. The Kavanagh family at Borris House in Ireland desperately need money to keep their 50-room stately home wind and weather tight.

Antiques To The Rescue: The Haining

Antiques Roadshow regular John Foster helps to prop up struggling historic houses by uncovering valuable heirlooms that the families can sell. The trustees left in charge of the decaying mansion of an eccentric Scottish recluse need John's expert advice.

Antiques To The Rescue: Marston

Marston Hall has survived an attack by Oliver Cromwell, but is now is under threat from structural problems. John Foster helps the Thorold family raise funds for its upkeep by finding valuable heirlooms they can sell.

Brilliant Green

This Ovation TV Original Special explores how the demands of becoming eco-friendly has inspired a wide variety of designers to become even more creative.

Inside the Actors Studio: Willem Dafoe

Pedro Pascal interviews Willem Dafoe. 4-time Academy Award® nominee, Willem Dafoe details the experience of being a young actor on Oliver Stone’s set of “Platoon” and what it was like to be courted by Martin Scorsese for “The Last Temptation of Christ.”

The Art Of: Sneakers

(2013) Adriana Gutierrez, Nick Romero. A look at creative fields that are outside the traditional definition of “art.” "The Art of Sneakers" profiles a woman who has merged fine art and hip hop culture into her one of a kind custom painted sneakers, a shoe store that lets you customize and design your own pair of chuck Taylors and a Downtown LA consignment shop of rare and vintage kicks.

The Art Of: Pop Ups

(2014) The Art Of: Pop-Ups looks at a card creator whose intricate architectural origami jumps off the page, a chef who surprises diners with elaborately composed meals served in secret locations, and, a former fashion designer who stages one-night-only art shows in the most unexpected of places – the laundromat.

The Art of Architecture: Episode 101

How did Santiago Calatrava's World Trade Center Transportation Hub come to be? This intriguing new series explores the inspirations behind the world's architectural marvels.

The Art of Architecture: Episode 102

A look at London's mammoth Battersea Power Station, brought back to life after 30 years of dereliction with designs from architect Jim Eyre.

The Art of Architecture: Episode 103

An in-depth look at Japanese architect Kengo Kuma's first UK project, the magnificent V&A Dundee, including the huge challenges behind its construction.

The Art of Architecture: Episode 104

A look at how Thomas Heatherwick's unusual and stunning design of many staircases became a mind-blowing tourist attraction in Manhattan, known as the Vessel.

The Art of Architecture: Episode 105

A look at Ptolemy Dean's Weston Tower, which lies within Westminster Abbey. What went into designing the most significant addition to this historic site in 240 years?

The Great Songwriters: Chuck D

A classic series of original portraits of legendary songwriters discussing their creative processes and inspirations. Chuck D, rapper and creative leader of Public Enemy talks about his influences, the band and his individual songwriting style.