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A Season at the Juilliard School: Dreams and Reality

Raymond dances his last solo leaving the for the Grands Ballets Canadiens company. The actors of the drama division will perform in the main theatre, to an audience of both amateurs and professionals. For Mariella and Mathis, it’s time for their end-of-year exams and an appraisal of the past year.

A Season at the Juilliard School: The New School Year

Among the students starting this new school year are Mariella, a young 17-year old violinist, Mathis, also 17, a pianist and the youngest student in the jazz department, and Raymond, who is 21 and is training to become a professional dancer. Austin, Lars and Ryan are entering their third year in the drama division.

A Season at the Juilliard School: On Stage!

Raymond’s 4th year dance class is rehearsing a piece with Czech choreographer Jarek Cemerek Marielle will be playing Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique with the Juilliard orchestra. Lars and Austin, both actors, will be performing at a centre for young drug addicts. John, a baritone, and his girlfriend Wallis, a mezzo-soprano, will be singing in front of the other students.

A Season at the Juilliard School: Other Horizons

In this episode, Mariella, a violinist, takes tap-dancing lessons and philosophy lessons. Raymond, a dancer, is taking drama lessons. Ryan, Lars and their drama classmates are working on singing and a musical comedy, a key discipline of actor training in the US. This episode follows them rehearsing and performing their cabaret show.

A Season at the Juilliard School: Together!

John, a baritone, and his classmates are rehearsing an opera they wrote themselves and that they perform in schools. Mathis, a 1st year jazz student is preparing to give his first concert. The 3rd year drama students present their work during a master class. Mariella is working with her chamber music trio.

A Season at the Juilliard School: Artists

Raymond is preparing his end-of-studies solo. The actors have started rehearsing the Shakespeare plays that they will be performing at the end of the year. Lars and Mariella talk about the issue of student debt.

A Season at the Juilliard School: Dreams and Reality

Raymond dances his last solo leaving the for the Grands Ballets Canadiens company. The actors of the drama division will perform in the main theatre, to an audience of both amateurs and professionals. For Mariella and Mathis, it’s time for their end-of-year exams and an appraisal of the past year.

Arts Across the Heartland

In Ovation’s new original one hour special “Arts Across The Heartland”, we travel state to state to shine a light on the places and people who are elevating and enriching lives through the power of art. These are real stories about real people who are making a difference and showing the positive impact that art has on their communities.

Banksy: And The Rise Of Outlaw Art

Banksy, the world's most infamous street artist, whose political art, criminal stunts, and daring invasions outraged the establishment and created a revolutionary new movement while his identity remained shrouded in mystery.

Brilliant Green

This Ovation TV Original Special explores how the demands of becoming eco-friendly has inspired a wide variety of designers to become even more creative.

Stealing Van Gogh

On 7th December 2002, two thieves broke into the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They stole two paintings and disappeared into the night. The theft is listed by the FBI as one of top ten art crimes of all time. In late 2016, the paintings were discovered holed up behind a false wall in a hideout of the Camorra, the notorious Neapolitan crime syndicate.

Young Marvels: Wow Factor

Blind musician Matthew defies expectations at 13; 8-year-old Lev dreams of ruling the ballroom dance floor

Young Marvels: Practice Makes Perfect

(2014) Cellist Charlie thrives at Juilliard but his parents worry about scheduling enough time for him to be a kid. Duncan grapples with leaving his dad in Vermont to pursue a ballet career in New York, with mom at his side. Polyglot Mabou confronts her perfectionist mother and Matthew yawns through his braille music lesson as his parents struggle to prepare him for life as a blind adult.

Young Marvels: Under Pressure

(2014) Sophia contemplates homeschooling in order to spend more time training with LA’s hottest choreographers. Clark sacrifices any free time with friends to pursue a promising career in opera. Duncan escapes the teasing he faced at home as a boy ballet dancer while at his performing arts school in New York.

Young Marvels: Family Ties

(214) Mae Ya smiles through her mother’s demands for perfection as she prepares for a major performance. Lev is lucky to have a best friend in his dance partner, Natalina, but misses his dad who spends half the year in Russia. Duncan’s weekend home in Vermont brings up painful questions about when his family can all be together again.

Young Marvels: Revenge of the Nerves

(2014) With his dad as roadie, Matthew sets off for his first big show since opening for Stevie Wonder at the Apollo Theater. Sophia searches for the confidence she needs to wow the judges at a major dance convention. Charlie nervously steps on stage for his recital at Juilliard.

Young Marvels: Balancing Act

(2014) Mae Ya puts practice aside to enjoy a rare night with friends while questions are raised about Clark’s health and his future as an opera singer. Matthew’s parents encourage his independence, even if it means watching him struggle. Lev is excited to perform at the USA Dance show but wishes his dad could be there to see him.

Young Marvels: Permission Slip

(2014) Mae Ya races to make last minute changes to a song after her mother criticizes her performance. Duncan worries about impressing his father at his biggest recital of the year. Sophia hopes a meeting with an online school counselor will finally convince her mom that homeschooling is the right choice to ensure her career as a dancer.

Young Marvels: Paying A Price

(2014) Clark sees a throat specialist to check on the health of his vocal chords and gets some surprising news. The overwhelming cost of Mabou’s education puts her parents at odds. Matthew is surprised by a visit from his best friend and biggest champion – his sister.

Young Marvels: Dress Rehearsal

(2014) Lev gets a surprise lesson from Dancing With The Stars pro, Cheryl Burke. Charlie practices for his final exam performance at Juilliard under the critical eye of his father. Duncan reunites with his sister in Vermont as the family must decide whether or not to sell their home in support of Duncan’s new life in New York. Troubled by the gun violence in her neighborhood, Mae Ya writes an emotional song to perform at Chicago’s historic St. Sabina church.

Young Marvels: The Final Bow

(2014) Lev must say goodbye to his father while Mabou’s mother meets with an Ivy League admissions counselor who challenges her beliefs about what’s best for Mabou’s education. Charlie anxiously awaits the results of his Juilliard exams and Sophia auditions for a spot with one of the industry’s leading choreographers. Matthew is surprised by a career-changing opportunity and Mae Ya finds herself inches from the big break she’s been waiting for.