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Wayne Brown (President and CEO of the Michigan Opera Theatre)

Artists have missed that sense of connection to audience. Audiences have missed that in-person experience. We are all co-dependent. And so, I look forward to doing all we can to not resume where we left off but to even go beyond that point in terms of meaningful engagement.

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Seeing regular ordinary people doing extraordinary things for others who are out there protecting us and for me, that is where I get my inspiration." Don't miss Mary Anne Carter, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts share her thoughts related to creativity on the inaugural Arts Engines show!

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We're not really anymore a concert hall that presents just wonderful concerts that are extraordinary events, but we are trying to tell stories and stimulate people to take journeys..." Clive Gillinson, Exec. & Artistic Dir. of Carnegie Hall shares about leading the nation's concert hall during unprecedented times.

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Art & Culture is the aspect of our society that brings meaning to the people. They are what you are working for... what you are trying to survive for. They make us more human." Bob Lynch, Pres. of Americans for the Arts speaks to the importance of arts advocacy in a changing world.

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You can see this tremendous need for people to connect to their sense of creativity... their sense of how to find hope... and I think the arts are crucial to keeping us feeling that we do have hope... at times when we are really in need of that." Bennett Rink, Exec. Dir. of Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation speaks to the role of dance and the arts today.

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The arts can help lift any human being above the vicissitudes, fears, and disappointments of the day." Hear more fascinating perspectives on creativity from Dr. Ronald Crutcher, cellist and President, University of Richmond.

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We are in an informal age and we are playing formal music and we have to find the bridge from one to the next. We are also in an ever more racially diverse community and country and we must go across that bridge as well.” Howard Herring, President & CEO of the New World Symphony speaks to building a future for the arts.

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I think in this moment, my job is to convene, listen, activate, imagine, propose, procure, provoke, push... all the things that a really qualified virtuoso arts administrator would do."

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I discovered that there was such a thing as arts administration and that was it. I didn’t want to be the person on stage… ever. I wanted to be the one who got people there so… arts administration was for me!” Teresa Eyring, Executive Director of Theatre Communciations Group speaks about her passion for leading in the arts.

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We have the artistic imperative and we have the social imperative… and where do we find the intersection of those two needs? And that was fascinating to try to find our way through that… and there aren’t easy answers.” Deborah Borda, CEO of the NY Philharmonic shares her leadership experiences.

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Let’s think about how we will express our collective joy and creativity three years from now, when we have the vaccine and medical treatments… we need to be prepared to tell the stories of that journey and opera is one of the most powerful ways to tell that story.” Marc Scorca, President and CEO of Opera America discusses the role of Opera in an evolving nation.

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The fact of the matter is, that for as long as there have been homo sapiens, there has been art. Whether it was people putting their hands on the face of a cave 40,000 years ago… it is an inescapable need… and, in that sense, I would never be apologetic about the arts.” Marshall Marcus, CEO of the European Youth Orchestra speaks to the importance of the arts.

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So when you’re feeling all that pressure and stress, I think being able to ground yourself in the “why you do this work” and, if you really believe the arts are needed for a healthy society, you pick yourself up and you keep on going.” Amy Fitterer, Executive Director of Dance/USA shares thoughts on arts leadership.

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If we don’t take seriously that people live in a symbolic world… and expression and narrative and story and song, poetry… that all of that is essential to how we navigate and understand? Then we’re always only going to have half the solution.” Steven Tepper, dean of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University shares wisdom on the role of arts.

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Music is a universal language and it has the capacity to pull at your heart in a funny way and if you need something, some inspiration to draw on, I think you can find a piece of music for any need.” Hear Victoria Robey, Chairman of the London Philharmonic Orchestra speak to the power of music in a changing world

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Confusion and ambiguity are not your friends. You must know what it is you want to do. After you have articulated what that is, you have to make some sort of tangible, tactical plan to get you where you want to go.” Margaret Lioi, CEO of Chamber Music America shares how to develop as a musician in today’s world.

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Being an educated individual as part of today’s world… the arts play really an integral relationship…” Toni-Marie Montgomery shares her thoughts as dean of the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University

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Dimitry Sitkovetsky (Music Director)

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Eugene Rogers (Dir. Of Choral Activities of Univ. of MI)

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Jessie Montgomery (Composer)

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Terri Lyne Carrington (Founder and Artistic Director of Berklee's Institute for Jazz and Gender Justice)

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Ken Fischer (Univ of MI Faculty; Former CEO of University Musical Society)

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