Chasing the Sun follows adventure-seeker, former Pro surfer, and international model Stephen Jake Friedman (The Blueprint on Fox Networks) as he travels the world. The series tells stories through the locals Stephen meets.

S1 : E9

Peru Part 1

A tent on 4 wheels, a Reggae band and some Peruvian food. This is was my the first introduction of Peru and the city of Lima in 24 hours.

S1 : E10

Peru Part 2

Inspiring the next generation, Sofia is a former woman's world surfing champ as she tells us her story and how she is giving back to the kids of Peru and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

S1 : E11

Costa Rica Part 1

An Olympic long distance runner in the city, to then finding yourself deep in the Jungle. Costa Rica has it all.

S1 : E12

Costa Rica Part 2

Jaco is a small coastal town where we found a love story and the journey that took us there as big scary lizards almost blocked our path.

S1 : E13

Jamaica Part 1

The First Episode of Jamaica we tell the story of the country that has a long history. We then explore the story of Bees and Rehab and how its created a new outlook.

S1 : E14

Jamaica Part 2

Billy is the story teller of as he paints the picture of his Jamaica through the culture, music and everyday life. Running is also in the Jamaicans blood as we are in the stadium watching the next generation break records.

S1 : E15

Brazil Part 1

We begin our story in Brazil and meet the Brad Pitt of Brazil. This episode is full of passion and shows off a part of brazil that not many people know about.

S1 : E16

Brazil Part 2

Capoeira is the main story of the final episode of the season. The Brazilian passion and love for their country shines through this entire episode.