S1 : E1

How the Light Gets In

On his first assignment in a new division, the erratic Detective Aidan Black and Doctor Daniella Ridley must solve the strange murder of a young boy found stabbed, with a lightbulb sticking out of his chest.

S1 : E2


Psych Crimes investigates the connection between a manic patient's apocalyptic hallucinations, and a violent murder.

S1 : E3

What We Can't See

A bullied schoolgirl violently lashes out at her tormenters, Aidan and Daniella dig into her home-life and find bizarre ties that extend well beyond the family.

S1 : E4

White Knight

Aidan develops a dangerous relationship with a woman he rescues from a psychotic killer still on the loose.

S1 : E5

No Traveller Returns

Psych Crimes investigates an assault against a psychiatrist - the key witness in a hearing that could set a murderer free.

S1 : E6

Spirited Away

When a young man with Tourette's syndrome stumbles across an abandoned baby, Psych Crimes searches for the birth mother, and finds more than one heartbreaking story of motherhood and post-partum psychosis.

S1 : E7

Rocket Man

Psych Crimes investigates the murder of one member of a feuding rock duo after the bipolar lead singer is found raving and naked atop a billboard.

S1 : E9

Cherry Blossoms

A high school girl's dramatic and macabre suicide leads the Psych Crimes team into the heartbreaking world of bullying, and the dark and tangled web of teen girl social dynamics.

S1 : E10


A coroner's inquest into the accidental death of a young boy turns into a witch-hunt against Aidan who finds his fitness for duty the subject of vicious debate.

S1 : E11

Night Terrors

In the aftermath of the inquest, Aidan and Daniella clash while on the hunt for a serial rapist with an odd fetish signature.

S1 : E12

Old Soldiers

A brazen daylight robbery takes a turn for the bizarre after one of the thieves has a mid-robbery mental breakdown, which lands Psych Crimes the case.

S1 : E13

The Light in Black

After the husband of a well-known human rights lawyer is found murdered with his body contorted sadistically, Daniella and Aidan's search for the killer lures them right into to the terrifying world of psychopathy.