S2 : E1

The Rescue

With only 24 hours remaining before Louis and Rebecca are killed, the team must do whatever it takes to rescue them --  while Dorn does whatever it takes to take down Dimitrov.

S2 : E2

The Homecoming

Tipped off that Genovese is in New York and into human trafficking, Hickman once again finds himself in a deadly face off with his nemesis.

S2 : E3

The Kill Zone

A vengeful sniper is killing innocent people indiscriminately, while manipulating the team into giving him what he wants most.

S1 : E103

Cultural Critiques

Members of an International team… don’t always get along.

S1 : E107

European Vacay

Dreaming of a European vacation?

S1 : E102

Hickman Breaks you Down

Carl Hickman, much like Sherlock Holmes…

S1 : E105


What is the I.C.C.?

S1 : E100

Sexy Accents

The sexy accents of Crossing Lines

S1 : E101

Who’s Who

Who’s who on Crossing Lines