Capt. Louis Daniel assembles a squad of European law enforcement officers to help battle the explosion of international crime that accompanied the opening of borders by the European Union.

S1 : E1

Pilot: Part 1

A multinational police team is created to combat Europe’s rising cross-border crimes. And their first case is an invisible cross-border killer...

S1 : E2

Pilot: Part 2

Meanwhile, Tommy follows the trail of the serial killer's earlier victims and Hickman must face his demons in time to find the missing team member. Elsewhere, when Sebastian tracks down the killer the team must race to apprehend him but a sudden tragedy changes the teams' lives forever.

S1 : E3

The Terminator

The ICC team has gained recognition, cross-border authority and even an office of their own. Now they must track down a gang of thieves who use deadly radioactive polonium as a weapon.

S1 : E4

Long-Haul Predators

An abandoned car in Poland and a body found in Germany involves the team in a brutal fight club. The only way to crack it will be to risk becoming its victims.

S1 : E5

Special Ops: Part 1

The ICC team must solve the latest in a chain of deadly kidnappings before the ruthless criminals not only kill their victim but endanger Dorn’s life as well.

S1 : E6

Special Ops: Part 2

Maxim Marianski is still in the hands of his kidnappers as Louis suspects Russian mobster, Dimitrov, is involved. But Hickman has his own idea of who’s behind it.

S1 : E7

The Animals

A deadly bank robbery in The Hague traps one of the ICC team members inside with a gang of ruthless killers and threatens to ensnare another in the crime beneath the crime – a jailbreak.

S1 : E8

Desperation and Desperados

The ICC team sets out to stop a revenge-fueled cross-border killing spree sparked by the theft of drugs and cash from an Italian crimelord and the kidnapping of his innocent daughter.

S1 : E9

New Scars and Old Wounds: Part 1

Anne-Marie is missing, Sebastian’s computer has been hacked, Hickman is framed for murder. It looks like the bad guys are somehow staying one step ahead of the team.

S1 : E10

New Scars and Old Wounds: Part 2

With Hickman’s nemesis Genovese in handcuffs, things are looking up for the team. Then Louis disappears, and Dimitrov finally presents a deadly ultimatum.

S2 : E1

The Rescue

With only 24 hours remaining before Louis and Rebecca are killed, the team must do whatever it takes to rescue them -- while Dorn does whatever it takes to take down Dimitrov.

S2 : E2

The Homecoming

Tipped off that Genovese is in New York and into human trafficking, Hickman once again finds himself in a deadly face off with his nemesis.

S2 : E3

The Kill Zone

A vengeful sniper is killing innocent people indiscriminately, while manipulating the team into giving him what he wants most.

S2 : E4

Everybody Will Know

The team confronts teen suicides resulting from extreme Internet cyber-bullying as they desperately try to find the next victim and save him from killing himself.

S2 : E5

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The team investigates a series of vicious home invasions by an infamous German biker gang and time is running out for Sebastian who’s gone deep undercover for the first time.

S2 : E6


Genovese arrives in The Hague to stand trial but just when they think they have him, the team learns he wants to make a deal: and it’s an offer the ICC can’t refuse.

S2 : E7

The Velvet Glove

A gang of beautiful women pray on elderly men by seducing them into marriage, methodically poisoning them to death and then disappearing with their fortunes.

S2 : E8

Family Ties

An alarming number of deaths are reported after a tainted batch of cocaine sweeps across London.

S2 : E9

Truth and Consequences

A film director, talent agent and journalist are all victims of brutal murders. Our team foils the attempted kidnap of movie star Audrey Améris by an alleged stalker. When the team discovers the killings are connected, and Audrey goes missing, the team must unravel a bizarre tangle of murder, revenge and cover-ups.

S2 : E10

The Long Way Home

A number of missing backpackers, presumed dead from accidental drownings, are quickly linked to a serial killer with ritualistic habits.

S2 : E11

The Team: Part 1

A double prison break, as well as a number of murderous jewellery heists, call for the help of our team when a prison psychiatrist is taken hostage.

S2 : E12

The Team: Part 2

The gang’s murderous rampage reaches a fever pitch as the team frantically sifts through the layers of deceit and, ultimately, deals with unexpected tragedy.

S3 : E1


The Prosecutor in a high-profile case has been kidnapped, and it’s obvious who’s responsible. But there are always other reasons than the obvious…

S3 : E2


Everybody in big business talks about “making a killing”. But when the killing’s real, nobody talks about it. And if they try to, they have to be silenced…permanently.

S3 : E3


The ICC team knows not to judge a book by its cover. But when that cover is deliberately misleading, it’s easy to make mistakes about what’s inside...

S3 : E4

In Loco Parentis

When hostage-taking becomes murder, the tragedy of one story may be the well-planned happy ending to another. It’s the team’s job to separate heroes from villains.

S3 : E5


Even the best of men may have two faces: one for the public to look at and one only his family sees. And that secret face may not be a pleasant one…

S3 : E6


When a person accused of a crime goes free, it usually means they weren’t guilty. But for some, just being accused is enough to warrant punishment…

S3 : E7

Lost and Found

A dockside stabbing isn’t usually enough to concern the ICU; but a stabbed man who dies of haemorrhagic fever on a holiday island concerns everyone…

S3 : E8


There are many ways to protest injustice. Some are easily ignored, other demand attention. And releasing radioactive material in a city center is at the top of the list.

S3 : E9


Journalist Freja Jensen wrote soft-edged lifestyle articles, not tough investigative pieces. So what was the big story she discovered that made someone kill her?

S3 : E10

Enemy of the People

Re-routing a river across national borders is a vast project. The money involved is equally vast, certainly enough to be a motive for murder. Often more than one.

S3 : E11


Modern slavery takes many forms. Chains can be invisible, and servitude can be as subtle as fulfilling a lifelong ambition – under the orders of someone else.

S3 : E12


Assassins are usually judged to be villains. But if the assassin has been deeply wronged by a repellent potential victim, is that snap judgment incorrect?