S1 : E1

Art Breakers: Commission Control

Fine art advisors Carol Lee Brosseau and Miller Gaffney are hired by TV star Mario Lopez to commission a piece of art inspired by Mario’s new brand of tequila.

S1 : E2

Art Breakers: Vegas Vibes

A wealthy and eccentric Las Vegas couple calls in Carol Lee and Miller to help replace the bad art that came with their lavish new home.

S1 : E3

Art Breakers: Art From the Outback

The millionaire owner of a juicing empire hires Carol Lee and Miller to fill the walls of his New York City office – including a very specific request for the restroom.

S1 : E4

Art Breakers: No Budget Required

Miller hunts for art for a hard-to-please New York City socialite while Carol Lee tries to bring in big money at the country’s top art show for photography.