Eco-adventurer Te Radar goes on a global quest to find the most spectacular feats of innovation in the fight to protect the environment.

S1 : E1


Looking at the future of cars sees Te Radar delivering wing mirrors made of potato starch to a Formula Three team in Britain…. And after filling it up on diesel made from waste chocolate, he goes for a spin.

S1 : E2


Are there plenty more fish in the sea? Global Radar tries a day of low impact fishing and then heads to the small island nation of Tonga to see how looking back will help them look forward to a more plentiful catch.

S1 : E3

Sustainable Production

Palm oil is used in so many modern conveniences and that leads Te Radar to Borneo to see how that impacts Orangutans. Their habitat is cut down to make way for the plantations that ensure we can have our favourite noodles, crackers and chocolate.

S1 : E4


It's a messy business but Global Radar finds there is a big future in all kinds of waste and the value in what we flush or toss away is astounding. A stop in China leads Te Radar to a man who has made over 60 robots from rubbish.

S1 : E5


Global Radar is looking for ways we can keep modern life powered up while the impact on the planet is dialled down…

S1 : E6


Deploying his own tracking device, Te Radar tries to find out what happens to rubbish that washes into waterways and finds himself shocked by how much plastic floats across the world’s oceans.

S1 : E7


Te Radar discovers how the rain we often see as a hassle is really gold falling from the sky for lucky countries because in Australia, a place long known as The Lucky Country, it now takes billions of dollars to make drinkable water.

S1 : E8

The Future

Te Radar ponders what the future will bring and visits Rwanda to see how the country has changed its culture to preserve the mountain gorillas.

S1 : E9


It’s back to the future as Te Radar visits Houston, Texas – the birthplace of American oil - to see how the De Lorean made famous by Michael J Fox has been rescued from the scrap heap and is now leading the way in cool electric transport.

S1 : E10

Oil Free

Te Radar peers past peak oil to look at oil alternatives being developed in the USA made from all kinds of things like algae and alligator fat and also how a mix of sunlight and old fruit can create a fuel that can power an ordinary car.

S1 : E11

Hidden Potential

It often takes brilliant minds to see past the surface and uncover the hidden potential in everyday things. In this episode Te Radar looks at two weeds… one provides food and cleans water, while the other makes all kinds of things.

S1 : E12


Te Radar heads off to a town right beneath a South American mountain glacier that is dealing with water worries that should make us all sit up and take notice and he uses his own body to test a new way to make drinking water safe.

S1 : E13

Local Food

Te Radar finds local food is a growing global concern but innovative New Zealand technology is protecting our ability to be able to prove where food comes from…

S1 : E14


Hunting out green design leads Te Radar to the USA where old tyres, cans and bottles form homes of the future in a unique spot in Taos and he meets a chap who has been using rocks to air-condition his home for the last twenty years.

S1 : E15

Natural Solutions

Te Radar travels to Cuba to discovers what happens when a country is forced to go back to nature and he draws on their experiences of ways to farm using natural solutions, without chemicals and often without modern machinery.

S1 : E16


Te Radar finds the Navajo Indians have a respect for Mother Earth which we could all learn from.