Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations


S5 / E9

In the bleak mid-winter, and with his trusty sidekick Zamir along for the ride, Tony travels to the heart and soul of America's rust belt with stops in Baltimore, Detroit and Buffalo.

S5 : E1


Tony Bourdain loves the energy and edge of big cities. So how is it that he has avoided Chicago for so long? He sets off on "some unfinished business" to rectify that situation.

S5 : E2


Tony Bourdain heads to Mexico with Carlos, who took over Tony's old job as head chef at Les Halles. One of many who have crossed the border to achieve the American dream, Carlos gives Tony a tour of his hometown of Puebla and nearby Mexico City.

S5 : E3


Tony Bourdain's mission, on this trip, is to step away from the Venice of tourists and into the Venice of Venetians. It is an extraordinary city filled with ancient monuments, sprawling palazzos, quaint cafes and vibrant markets.

S5 : E4


Having worked in kitchens alongside many generations of Azorean Portuguese immigrants, Tony decides it's time to find out more about their motherland. He visits 3 different islands where he samples gastronomic treats that make their culture so interesting.

S5 : E5

Sri Lanka

Tony journeys into Sri Lankan cuisine influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Indian, Arab, Malay and Moor traders. He visits Colombo, a city perched on the coast. He also visits a culinary school built after the tsunami hit the region in 2004.

S5 : E6

Disappearing Manhattan

Tony teams up with some notable guests and visits some of the oldest, most classic and undoubtedly-NYC restaurants. Unfortunately, these cornerstones rich with culture and diversity struggle against the changing landscape of the new Manhattan.

S5 : E7

Sri Lanka

Tony journeys into Sri Lankan cuisine influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Indian, Arab, Malay and Moor traders. He visits Colombo, a city perched on the coast. He also visits a culinary school built after the tsunami hit the region in 2004.

S5 : E8

Vietnam: There's No Place Like Home

Vietnam is a clash of cultures mixed with a hectic urban pace and people serious about eating. Tony decides on a whim to relocate for a year to write the great Vietnamese novel. He meets a local chef/realtor who'll help him find the perfect property.

S5 : E9


In the bleak mid-winter, and with his trusty sidekick Zamir along for the ride, Tony travels to the heart and soul of America's rust belt with stops in Baltimore, Detroit and Buffalo.

S5 : E10


Melbourne, known as Australia's cultural capital, is a melting pot of cultures, and Tony is off to discover what makes it so special. Luckily, Tony has many friends here, all of whom take him to sample the many different cuisines of Melbourne.

S5 : E11


Chile's cuisine reflects its topographical diversity, consisting of gorgeous landscapes, beautiful mountains and breathtaking flora and fauna. While there, Tony not only samples this delicious cuisine but also does some exploring in this land of extremes.

S5 : E12

Burning Questions

Have you been dying to ask Tony a question about his globe-trotting adventures? Based on the results of an online poll, Tony answers the top 10 viewer questions. Prepare to be surprised, terrified, disgusted and thoroughly entertained.

S5 : E13

San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of districts and contradictions, each one with its own quirks and flavors. Between Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury and Fisherman's Wharf, Tony really can't go wrong, no matter where he goes.

S5 : E14


The Thai cuisine blends five fundamental flavors: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. To experience each of these tastes, Tony explores the bustling streets of Bangkok and immerses himself in the local street foods, cultural practices, and people.

S5 : E15


In his exploration on obsession, Anthony meets many food-obsessed individuals who encapsulate the beautiful and eccentric results devotion has on one's life. Anthony talks to chefs and bloggers whose obsessive love for food propel them to noteworthy feats.

S5 : E16


Tony visits Sardinia, his wife's homeland, and learns what it means to be Sardinian. From the craggy mountaineous landscape to the exotic cuisine and ages old traditions, Tony learns that Sardinia really is it's own country with a strong island mentality.

S5 : E17


Tony explores the snow-capped mountains, majestic big skies, winding rivers and roaming cattle of Livingston, Montana, once was an inspiration for adventurous Americans and locals alike. But what lies in store for its future is uncertain.

S5 : E18


Provence is a region of France characterized by its impoverished history and hard labor. Throughout his journey in Provence, Tony becomes enamored with the Provencal culture and cuisine glorifying the region as the ideal escape.

S5 : E19


Tony Bourdain has come to Brittany to experience not only the cuisine, but also both the ancient cultures and traditions that have influenced this area as well as the achievements of the contemporaries that define it today.

S6 : E1


Anthony visits Panama, a crossroads of cultures formerly ruled by a dictator.

S6 : E2


Anthony visits Istanbul, Turkey, a source of vibrant and diverse cultures and food.

S6 : E3

Hudson Valley, NY

Anthony explores the history and foods of the Hudson Valley in New York state.

S6 : E4


Tony explores the 1,100-year history of Prague and the city's new culinary landscape with the help of local experts.

S6 : E5


Tony samples simple stews, roasted meats, fresh fish and exotic fruits from Ecuador's eateries and street vendors.

S6 : E6

Techniques Special

Tony explains various ways chefs prepare cuisine, ranging from street food to world-class restaurants.

S6 : E7

Harbin China

Tony savors stews, vegetables and dumplings influenced by Russian and Korean cuisine during a visit to the northeastern region of China formerly known as Manchuria.

S6 : E8


Tony visits Maine to sample its food and culture.

S6 : E9

Food Porn 2

Tony serves up a steamy round of "food porn" with help from friends, including porn film actor Ron Jeremy.

S6 : E10

Caribbean Island Hopping

Tony samples local cuisine and explores the Caribbean lifestyle.

S6 : E11


Tony visits American Heartland and the American food scene.

S6 : E12


Eating Spanish dishes including Jamon iberico and ox tails.

S6 : E13


Tony samples Liberia's traditional culinary offerings.

S6 : E14

Making of India

Completing an episode of the series.

S6 : E15

Kerala, India

Tony enjoys street food while in Kerala.

S6 : E16

Where it All Began

A documentary on Tony in the kitchen of Les Halles and his Kitchen Confidential book tour.

S6 : E17


Tony experiences the building boom that has taken place in Dubai, which is now a global city.

S6 : E18


Tony tastes the simple life of Rome, how it pertains to their food and keeps some secrets along the way.

S6 : E19

Back To Beirut

Tony goes back to Beirut to see familiar faces and share meals discuss Lebanese culture.

S6 : E20


Tony explores the working class culture in Paris.

S6 : E21

Holiday Special

During Christmas season even Anthony Bourdain gets sentimental. He goes to to the Hudson River Valley, near New York, where he prepares a classic turkey roast.

S7 : E1


Tony visits locals young and old to discover the meaning Nicaraguan life. Whether he's partying in Managua, or tasting pig organs in Estelli, Tony admires the perseverance of the Nicaraguan people, no matter what.

S7 : E2


Bourdain's latest adventure is steeped in Southeast Asia's most beautiful country, Cambodia. Tony ventures through the local food market slurping a bowl of Ka Tieu and almost goes bald due to an alleged translation error.

S7 : E3


In this episode of No Reservations, Tony visits the Caribbean nation of Haiti where he sees first hand the devastation that still remains after the deadly earthquake of January 2010.

S7 : E4


Blood Sausage, Hunting, Pastries and something called 'Pus' Stick challenge Tony's pre-conception of Vienna as a "Sound of Music" and pastry-filled nightmare.

S7 : E5


Tony tries local specialties from the Ozarks - squirrel potpie, raccoon and venison. Disaster strikes when Tony and author and Ozark resident Daniel Woodrell go fishing.

S7 : E6


Tony travels to Cuba in the search of the island's heart and soul where beauty abounds in the people, the food, the architecture, and streets that are riddled with pristine cars from a different era. Tony sits in a rundown stadium filled with major league talent and cheering fans hoping that their favorite players will make it to the major leagues. After this amazing look at the real side of baseball, Tony dines with Elizabeth Espinoza, who is known as Godmother. In a country where most restaurants are state-owned, she runs a private establishment out of her home. Here she entertains Tony while he enjoys pan-fried port, yucca, rice and beans. Before leaving this country of isolated wonder, Tony visits a barbershop and where the camera shy proprietor gives him the closest shave in the history of man. The last stop in this country is a quintessential street food stand, where Tony eats fresh tamales and hopes that when the time comes Cuba will be able to make the difficult jump into the modern world.

S7 : E7

Brazil: The Amazon

Tony fights aches, pains and monkeys as he ventures deep into the Amazon to find an enormous prehistoric delicacy, the legendary and delicious pirarucu.

S7 : E8

Japan: Hokkaido

On March 11th, 2011 a massive earthquake struck Japan, the largest in its recorded history. A few weeks prior, Tony and his crew set out to discover Japan's northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido, a Japan that may never be the same.

S7 : E9


Tony cuts through the rugged mob history of South Boston with the help of a right-wing radio host. The art of the 'fix' is revealed when Tony stumbles into a Southie boxing ring.

S7 : E10


While Macau is a Portuguese/Chinese mash, it's the great God of gambling that controls this island. Here, Tony plays baccarat with a local legend, kart races with a Macau champion, and dives off the world's highest bungee jump.

S7 : E11


Get a flavorful view of Naples as Tony works to define true Italian food and culture. Watch as Tony indulges in pizza, dines with a humble Italian family, and attends a local wedding with his wife.

S7 : E12

El Bulli

On the coast of Spain, Tony has the experience of a lifetime while cooking and dining with chef Ferran Adria, at the best restaurant in the world, El Bulli.

S7 : E13

US Desert

Tony roars thought the High Desert of California US in a classic Thunderbird. He meets up with local Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age and they explore the area while recording a soundtrack at The Rancho de la Luna studio.

S7 : E14


Tony and Zamir team up for a trip to the former Soviet Republic, the Ukraine. They first head to Crimea, a peninsula along the Black Sea that served as a vital strategic port for the Soviet Union. Once a top-secret hub for nuclear Soviet submersibles, the port is now a museum. Over a seaside meal of typical Zakuski cuisine, they discuss the dangers of their next destination, Chernobyl. Now a radiated ghost town, Pripayat is littered with decaying remnants of human life and will remain uninhabitable for the next 24,000 years. From here the pair carry on to celebrate Victory Day in Kiev's Independence Square. They enjoy green borscht, a staple in Ukrainian dining, beef dumplings and bacon-wrapped chicken liver. Afterwards, Zamir explores his Crimean roots when he and Tony visit Salachick in the mountain village of Bakhchisaray. Here Tony and Zamir discover traditions such as chickpea soup, bread, dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), lamb chops, and a flaky meat pie known as ciborek. After visiting Kiev's hundred-year old food market, Tony concludes his Ukrainian adventure with some American fast-food faire at McFoxy, a counterfeit McDonald-like chain.

S7 : E15


Tony and his crew venture to Kurdistan, a war zone and fledgling country, to discover the tragic history and hopeful future of the ethnic group known as the Kurds. The crew begins their adventure at a hazardous environment-training course in Virginia. They are instructed on how to deal with war zones, militia, treating battle wounds and mine fields. Tony's first stop is a surprise, an amusement park known as Pank Resort. He picnics with a family eats biryani and learns how the area is rapidly developing. At a cemetery, he pays his respects to the 300,000 Kurds killed under Saddam's regime. Following, he watches a wedding that is a celebration of life. Before they leave, the crew suits up in body armor as they pass through Mosul, one of the most dangerous areas in the country. On his last day, he eats his final meal at a restaurant in Anatolia, discussing the hopes that one day soon the Kurds will have a democratic nation of their own.

S7 : E16

Cajun Country

Tony travels beyond New Orleans and into Cajun Country, to find what sets the bayou culture apart from the mainland. He dines with two famous locals, Wendell Pierce and Lolis Elie then ends his trip at an authentic crawfish boil.

S8 : E1


Tony takes a hallucinatory Christmas journey and meets a vegan death metal chef, Norah Jones, a down-on-her-luckSamantha Brown and Christopher Walken. A Merry Christmas indeed.

S8 : E2


Tony visits Mozambique and finds that despite it's difficult history and challenges to overcome, it's a place with a brighter future. Today, this post-colonial Africa is full of optimism.

S8 : E3

Croatian Coast

Less than two decades after its brutal war for independence, Croatia is now touted as The New Riviera. Celebrities and oligarchs swarm the coastal islands as foodies roam the hills in search of truffles, wild asparagus and local wines. Anthony Bourdain explores the Istria and Dalmatian regions and literally gets knocked off his feet by what he finds.

S8 : E4

Japan Cook It Raw

In this episode of No Reservations, Tony goes back to Japan, this time to attend the gastronomic event that is, "Cook it Raw". This gathering brings together some of the best chefs in the world - from all over the world - and throws them into an unfamiliar environment with unknown ingredients. Each year they meet in a new country and this year it's Japan's turn. Along the way Tony eats fast food with chef David Chang in Tokyo, goes foraging in the hills of Ishikawa Prefecture and Samurai duck hunting with chef Sean Brock. The culmination of this adventure comes as the chefs create a feast with produce they discovered in the wilds of Japan.

S8 : E5


Once the center of the richest empire in Europe, Lisbon now faces one of the worst financial crises in the EU. But even as it struggles with rising debt and unemployment, Lisbon is experiencing a cultural and culinary renaissance.

S8 : E6

Kansas City

Tony travels to Kansas City, the BBQ capitol of the world, with pal Zamir Gotta, in search of the best barbeque. While there, Tony meets up with musicians, Dan and Patrick of The Black Keys for some serious finger licking meat.

S8 : E7


In Finland, Tony joins musician Sami Yaffa for a liquored up tour of the world's only pub tram, a bloody sauna, and an unexpectedly exciting dinner with a cabbie's mother.

S8 : E8


Tony tries his first-ever Mexican fish tacos in Baja, and then heads out with local Restaurateur, Javier Plascencia to a seafood street cart for sea urchin and clam tostadas. Many call it the best in the world!

S8 : E9


In Penang, Tony discovers a beautiful rice and shrimp dish wrapped in a banana leaf that he can't get enough of, then eats fresh snapper on Monkey Beach which surprisingly lives up to its name. Only problem, Tony hates monkeys.

S8 : E10


In this episode of No Reservations, Tony heads to Sydney to experience the enviable food and drink in the land down under. From the sheep farms of the blue mountains to the chic innovative restaurants of the big city, Sydney has recently become a mecca for meat-loving foodies. Tony eats fresh seafood, old school charcuterie, and the ubiquitous Australian barbie. In spite of the bad weather and presence of hipsters, the amazing meals make Tony want to look into local real estate.

S8 : E11


Tony heads to Austin, Texas during South by Southwest - an international music festival. He hangs out with the band Sleigh Bells and enjoys roasted pig and crawfish with sausage followed by a tattoo given by the band's guitarist.

S8 : E12


In Burgundy Tony & Chef Ludo stop at a wine cave for a night of drinking & singing with Ludo's friends. They drink wine & dig into crepes at a French truck stop, and visit a winery owned and operated by an American.

S8 : E13

Dominican Republic

Tony makes a long overdue visit to the Dominican Republic. He joins filmmaker Juan Basanta for empanadas & nearly frozen beer, enjoys staples like fried salami with tostones & heads to Samana Peninsula by helicopter for lunch.

S8 : E14

Emilia Romagna

In this episode of "No Reservations," Tony travels to Emilia Romagna, the breadbasket of Italy, with acclaimed New York Chef Michael White. In a red Ferrari California, the two travel across the region, sampling the foods that make this part of Italy great: culatello, balsamic vinegar, Sangiovese wine, and a variety of cheeses. Tony also dines at Ristorante San Domenico, a bastion of Italian noble cuisine, where Chef White apprenticed under acclaimed chef Gianluigi Morini.

S8 : E15


Rio, a perfect city that is almost impossible to not love. But Tony only wishes that he could enjoy his time more in this Brazilian paradise as he nervously awaits his wife's Jiu Jitsu battle.

S8 : E16


After 8 years, 57 countries, and 134 episodes, this is the last episode of No Reservations. Tony travels through Brooklyn with Talib Kweli, actors from The Wire, and dines with Eric Ripert at Brooklyn Fare.