Teenagers go on incredible journeys around the world.

S3 : E1

New Zealand

This week we traveled to New Zealand. From native dances in Auckland to gondola rides in Queenstown to bunjy jumping off the Kawaru Bridge, we cover as much as we can in this beautiful country.

S3 : E2


We begin our Hawaiian adventure on the island of Maui where we take scuba diving lessons and take in the beautiful ocean coral. Then hike through the Haiku rainforest before ending the day with a lesson in standup paddle boarding and surfing.

S3 : E3

Pacific North West

We travel to Seattle, Washington. Visiting the famous Pike Place Market, dating back to 1907. Then we head to IFly and experience the indoor wind tunnel and fly away and go to the Museum of flight Aviation and take a ride on the jet simulator.

S3 : E4


This week we travel to the Pocono Mountains. Zipping on through Camelback Mountain and taking a segway hike through the mountains. Next, we put our wilderness survival skills to the test before stopping by Lake Harmony to give wakeboarding a try.

S3 : E5


In Sydney, we climb the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge. Then off to the Northern Territory for some cultural adventures in Kakadu National Park and then a dip in the water with the massive crocodiles of Crocosaurus Cove.

S3 : E6

San Diego

In San Diego we get things started with a beach volleyball lesson. After that it's up in the air to Torrey Pines Glider Port for a paragliding lesson. Then it’s Wavehouse for some flow riding before wrapping things up with a few Olympic archery hopefuls

S3 : E7


This week we travel to the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! We battled the rapids on a white-water adventure before getting a taste of Pittsburgh at the world famous Primanti Brothers. Next, we visit the National Aviary to get a hands-on experience with birds.

S3 : E8


This week it's a flight down to Cancun, Mexico. We head inland to the stunning Mayan ruins of Coba and Mayan village of Tres Reyes. Things heat up with a Mexican chili eating contest and then we cool off at one of the many beautiful Cenotes nearby.

S3 : E9


This week we visit Panama City. We trek into the rainforest first by boat, and then above the treetops with an aerial tram ride. After that Nicole and the teens have a blast learning a traditional Panamanian dance - the cumbia.

S4 : E1


We’re island hopping in Hawaii. We start on the Big Island where our local teens join Nicole for some exciting lava exploration by land and sea. Then we head to Kauai to get a muddy during an ATV ride and a luau.

S4 : E2


We head to Southeast Asia to spend time in Phuket, Thailand. Nicole will put her taste buds to the test with a local Thai snack - fried insects. Then a beachside lesson in Muay Thai boxing.

S4 : E3


This week it's off to the remote Caribbean island of Curacao. Nicole will submarine dive to depths approaching 500 feet! From there she’ll head into the capital for some local culture and to caves where she’ll be dodging bats.

S4 : E4


Bundle up because this week Nicole explores Iceland in winter! She'll meet our local teens for ice climbing, glacier walking, and then a sunset to remember while snowmobiling.

S4 : E5

Marco Island

Florida sunshine abounds as Nicole joins teens in Marco Island. They'll head out on wave runners and see wild dolphins, then it's onto an airboat through the Everglades and a glassblowing lesson before soaring above the water on a jetpack.

S4 : E6

San Francisco

In San Francisco, we start by sailing under the Golden Gate bridge. Then we visit Pier 39 and learn about San Francisco's famous wild sea lions. We wrap things up at the roof of the Fairmont where Nicole harvests local rooftop honey.

S4 : E7


This week we go into the Rocky Mountains and visit Colorado. We’ll visit the city of Denver and then head down into the great outdoors for horseback riding into the Garden of the Gods.

S4 : E8


Nicole joins two locals at Boathouse Row then it's into Old City to walk thru the walls of history at Independence Hall. After that we take part in one of the 4,000 mural projects across the city with the Mural Arts Program.

S4 : E9


This week it's Utah. We take a white-water rafting trip then a race at the Olympic Park in Park City on the bobsled track and a visit to Moab where we test our fear of heights during two incredible rappels before we visit a dinosaur excavation.

S4 : E10


This week we go to the incredible country of Croatia, looking at the natural wonders of Plitvice National Park and Bisevo. Then we learn about the European Eagle Owl and go rock climbing at Paklanica National Park.

S4 : E11


We’re off to the winter wonderland of Quebec, Canada. We go dogsledding in the local wilderness then carve some ice and visit the Quebec Remparts junior hockey team for a lesson on the ice.

S4 : E12

New Orleans

In New Orleans. Nicole visits the School of Cooking to taste some incredible local recipes. Then it's into the bayou for a swamp tour around dozens of alligators.  After that we lend a hand in the 9th ward to Habitat for Humanity.

S4 : E13


In Pittsburgh, we start off learning about a genius at the Andy Warhol Museum. Then we explore a few local caves that include a thrilling rappel.

S4 : E14

Southern California

This week it's off to the sunshine of Southern California. Nicole joins our locals at a farm that grows its produce while using techniques that conserve massive amounts of water.