There are always 2 sides to a story but not every series truly shows that. Chasing the Sun is not your typical travel show as it is set in a way that tells a story thorough the People of the country Stephen meets along the way. As the Locals tell their story Stephen uses each experience to rediscover who he is.

S2 : E103

Undo The Stereotype: Skate Park

Bet you never thought you could do these awesome activities in these places!

S2 : E102

Skull Island

Enjoy the best highlights from this wondrous and ominous place.

S2 : E101

Water Puppets

Step into the world of this water based puppet show. It's wacky!

S2 : E1

Hong Kong

Whether street art and tofu or Bruce Lee and the Star Ferry, Hong Kong is a city overflowing with art and history. Stephen learns about its secrets from locals and expats.

S2 : E2


Stephen immerses himself in local culture, learning about generations worth of traditions from barber shops to mask-making.

S2 : E3


Island of the Gods. With Bali’s ecological majesty as our backdrop, we find people working hard to make a difference in their community and coming together to save the planet.

S2 : E4


From an indie musician in Mumbai to a skate community rallying together to help local children, Stephen finds the personal stories of art and perseverance in a community of 1.3 billion people.

S2 : E5


Where else can you find a beach full of cats after shopping in a vintage vinyl store in the heart of the city or watch a shadow puppet show after having a home-cooked meal prepared by two entrepreneurs?

S2 : E6


From urban bustle to tranquil beaches, Taiwan has a soul and culture all its own. Creativity abounds in its people, not to mention the greatest vegan food in the world.

S2 : E7

South Korea

Explore a place where it’s illegal to be a tattoo artist and the people living in a rapidly changing culture. A place where GPS limitations mean the possibilities to get lost in music and art are endless.

S2 : E8


Land of the rising sun and the fastest trains in the world that takes us from skateboarders to drag queens and one of the last remaining old-world jazz bars. We meet a chalk artist and a sculptor who makes art with a bite (aka: real teeth).