S1 : E1


Will Aneesha and her friends find another man - with bruises and tanned skin? In India, Dörthe Eickelberg meets a group of teenagers who are riding the the big wave in their country. Because Aneesha wants to be a professional surfer, she was rejected by the family. She found shelter in a surf ashram - led by yogis who are looking for a way to enlightenment on the wave. Together they travel across the country to the most important surf championships in India.

S1 : E2

South Africa

Suthu is the only black woman in the waters of Durban. Does she want to be like a man? Does she want to be like a white woman? Her church community sees the sea as a place of spiritual purification. Does this make surfing a blasphemous act? Dörthe Eickelberg goes surfing with a woman who turns our black-and-white thinking upside down. But that's not the only reason: the 30-year-old lives with Norma - a woman. And so she lives in danger in South Africa.

S1 : E3

Israel and Palestine

In Gaza, surfer Dörthe Eickelberg meets a woman who may soon be riding her last wave. Sabah soon becomes of age and an adult woman. In her culture, adult women don't wear skintight neoprene suits and attract the attention of onlookers. Sabah is to marry. Then her husband decides about her. Will Sabah continue surfing anyway? Dörthe's request for a joint surfing session goes as far as the Supreme Court of Gaza.

S1 : E4


Only one domain has been left to men so far: Big wave surfing. Until recently, women were not allowed to take part in these championships. Until Paige came. The world champion in Big Wave surfing welcomes Dörthe Eickelberg on oa day with "small" waves. That means on Hawaii: 2-3 meters. Now it is up to Dörthe to overcome a few blockades... Is fear a "typically female" characteristic? Before Dörthe can ask herself this question, Paige gives her the decisive push.

S1 : E5

France and Britain

50 years ago they were the first national champions in England and France: Christine and Gwyn. Both are 72 years old today. They never met each other. On the coast of Cornwall they come together for a solemn surfing session - the single mother and the single with Kelly Slater poster in the living room. "Don't you mind hearing the boys in the water making fun of you," Dörthe Eickelberg asks the veterans. Gwyn grins. "I'm hard of hearing."