In David Rocco's Amalfi Getaway, David returns to Italy... this time to the Amalfi coast. Here, his journey takes viewers into the home kitchens, restaurants and farms of Amalfi to cook with the mammas, nonnas and chefs who make simple, honest & rustic Italian dishes. These are the dishes that have defined the region for centuries and are sure to inspire cooks today.

S1 : E1


David travels the stunning Amalfi coast; lemon granita; Limoncello.

S1 : E2


Signature anchovy and mussel recipes; David catches fresh shrimp and octopus; The Blue Fish and Anchovy Festival.

S1 : E3

Mozzarella di Buffalo

David meets the majestic buffalos; mozzarella di bufala; ricotta made with buffalo milk; David learns how to use buffalo mozzarella in several traditional seafood dishes.

S1 : E4

Festa di Baldino

The Oliva family invites David to their restaurant in the town of Scala for a birthday celebration for their patriarch Baldino.

S1 : E5

Buon Gustaio

David travels high up the mountains to the town of Agerola for an extraordinary food adventure.

S1 : E6


David visits one of the most respected wineries on the Amalfi coast run; a traditional squid dish made with wine; a local wine festival in the town of Ravello.