David returns to India to take the road less traveled, visiting lesser-known locales to uncover some of the country’s hidden gems. He introduces us to the Portuguese influence in Goa, the Chinese community in Kolkata and the holiest of Punjabi traditions in Amritsar, and samples plenty of culinary delights along the way.

S2 : E101

David Cooks For Indians

David Rocco puts an Indian spin on an Italian classic.

S2 : E1

Carnival in Goa

Like in the Carnival festivals of Rio and Venice, Goa marks the days before lent with an all-out celebration: three full days of eating, drinking, and partying.

S2 : E2

Talkin’ Toddy

Formerly a colony of Portugal, Goa still has a large Portuguese population, and nowhere is their influence more evident than in the local cuisine.

S2 : E3

Goan Fishing

Goa boasts over 130 km of coastline; so it’s no surprise Goans do plenty of fishing.

S2 : E4

Beach and Jungle

Dead heads deep into the rainforest of Goa to visit Savoi Plantations. Managed and run by the Shetye family, this plantation is over 200 years old and covers an area of 100 acres.

S2 : E5

The Backwaters of Kerala

Kollam is a beautiful old seaport and city in Kerala known for it’s breathtaking backwaters: it’s so scenic that when you’re floating down the calm rivers through the dense foliage you’d think you were on the set of a movie.

S2 : E6

Beef In Fort Kochi

The historic region of Fort Kochi boasts an unexpected blend of cultural influences including Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and British.

S2 : E7

Paradise Found

The beautiful Chinese fishing nets are iconic tourist attractions along the coasts of Kochi, and David discovers that the fishermen who operate them are just as intriguing.

S2 : E8

Bengali Mustard

David explores Kolkata, a city so rich with culture and food tradition it’s hard to know where to start.

S2 : E9

Street Eats In Kolkata

The people of Kolkata are so intensely proud of their local cuisine, especially their epic street food.

S2 : E10

Chinese Calcutta

In Calcutta, a blending of Indian and Chinese cuisines takes place here.

S2 : E11

Golden Amritsar

David finally fulfills his dream of visiting the Golden Temple, the holiest Sikh gurudwara in the world.

S2 : E12

The Punjabi Way

David is in Amritsar - a city known for the warmth of it’s people and it’s amazing food - and he’s looking to explore all the different facets of Punjabi culture.

S2 : E13

Grand Bharat

David is in Delhi, taking in all the sites and sounds (and street food)!

S2 : E100

Indian Street Food

David Rocco explores the street food of India.