David Rocco visits vibrant Napoli uncovering the hidden gems in the city and exploring the surrounding scenic islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida and the beautiful Sorrento peninsula.

S1 : E100


Would you eat balsamic vinegar straight from the bottle?

S1 : E4

Town of Pozzuoli

David returns to his roots and visits Pozzuoli where he meets Michelin Star chef Marianna Vitale who takes him to the Solfatara Volcano where they cook seafood with the steam from the volcano.

S1 : E5

Mozzarella Love

David takes a dairy tour in the town of Caserta, just outside Naples. Buffalo Mozzarella is featured.

S1 : E6

By The Seaside

David spends time with the Mattiucci Brothers who are known in Naples for their independent fishing operation. He learns the ins and outs of the business and the family that runs it.

S1 : E7

Procida Time

David Rocco travels just off the coast of Naples to the island of Procida, where he takes a walking tour. He also takes a donkey ride to port and dives for sea urchins for his afternoon lunch.

S1 : E8

Espresso Espresso

David explores the cultural and social coffee culture of Naples.

S1 : E9

The Capri Way

The island of Capri is known for its beauty, hotels, and shopping. David visits his friends at the hotel San Felice and gets the true Capri treatment.

S1 : E10

Musica di Napoli

David travels to Naples and meets one of Itay's top folk singers, Pietra Montecorvino, who invites David into her world. They cook some traditional dishes while her musician friends jam around them.

S1 : E11

Donkey Race

David becomes a donkey jockey during the Donkey Race, a weekend-long party based around an old Italian tradition at the town of Camposano.

S1 : E12

Forza Napoli

David spends a Sunday with S.S.C. Napoli supporters, taking in the sights, sounds and foods at Stadio San Paolo.

S1 : E13

Red Red Wine

David meets his friend Gianluca, who invites him to his family's hometown of San Gregorio Armeno, where they celebrate family tradition while drinking, making tomato sauce, and hunting for truffles.

S1 : E1

Easter in Ischia

David joins the locals of Ischia Island for the celebration of the Spring Equinox.

S1 : E2

O Pizza Mia

David spends time with Gino Sorbillo, who's family has one of Naples' oldest pizzerias, in the hopes of uncovering the secret to making the best pizza in the world. He also helps teach a group of children the art of making and eating pizza.

S1 : E3

Napoli Street Food

Local food blogger Egidio shows David around the Napoli street food scene.

S1 : E103

Say Cheese

David Rocco tastes Napoli’s finest mozzarella.

S1 : E102

Wasabi Gelato

Would you eat wasabi gelato?