S1 : E1

Meet Shameen Miller

Endearing host Tyrone Edwards surprises South African-born Shameen Miller with the results of her DNA test. Shameen cooks a meal that combines her two cultures and shares it with her family.

S1 : E2

Meet Andrea Titus

Host Tyrone Edwards shocks Andrea Titus with her DNA results. Blending her two cultures onto one plate, Andrea then cooks up a delicious and revealing meal for her family.

S1 : E3

Meet Laird Hercules

Host Tyrone Edwards reveals to Laird Hercules that his DNA includes other ancestry besides Guyanese. In the DNA Dinners kitchen, he cooks up a delicious meal that combines his known and newfound cultures.

S1 : E4

Meet Mary Bosco

Mary Bosco is Italian, but Host Tyrone Edwards surprises her by revealing that her DNA test includes roots from other places. Mary cooks a special meal for her family that combines her two cultures.

S1 : E5

Meet Iafa Almeida Cac

Host Tyrone Edwards reveals to Brazil-born Iafa Almeida Cac that she has roots from other places. Alongside an expert chef, Iafa cooks a recipe that blends fresh ingredients from her Brazilian and newfound culture.

S1 : E6

Meet PJ Kerr

Host Tyrone Edwards takes PJ Kerr on a journey to discover his ancestry and meet with an expert chef to learn more about his newfound roots.

S1 : E7

Meet Bianca Osbourne

Bianca Osbourne is shocked by host Tyrone Edwards who reveals a whole new side of her family history.

S1 : E8

Meet Jacob Ahee

After revealing his DNA results, host Tyrone Edwards accompanies Jacob Ahee on a journey of self-discovery as he explores his newfound roots through food.

S1 : E9

Meet Jesse Magallanes

Jesse Magallanes was raised in an Argentinian household, but he knows there’s more to his ancestry. Host Tyrone Edwards reveals the results of his DNA test and Jesse begins his journey of self-discovery.

S1 : E10

Meet Chelsea Richards

Chelsea Richards comes from a Jamaican family but suspects there is more to her ancestry. Host Tyrone Edwards gives her the shock of her life when he reveals the results of her DNA test.

S1 : E11

Meet Carmen Arazia

Host Tyrone Edwards reveals the exciting results of Carmen Araiza’s DNA test. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning about her newfound culture through cooking.

S1 : E12

Meet Tara Broadbent

Adopted Tara Broadbent is shocked by the results of her DNA test and learns more about her biological ancestry through food.

S1 : E13

Meet Denise Oliveira

After revealing the results of her DNA test, Host Tyrone Edwards leads Denise Oliveira on a culinary journey of self- discovery.

S1 : E14

Meet Martina Castillo

Martina Castillo learns more about her heritage with the help of Host Tyrone Edwards and expert chefs.

S1 : E15

Meet Jamila Doncher

Jamila Doncher was raised in a Filipino household but wants to learn more about her ancestry. She gets the surprise of her life when Host Tyrone Edwards reveals her DNA results.

S1 : E16

Meet Kelly Harvey-Mycula

Kelly Harvey-Mycula is shocked by the results of her DNA test and learns more about her ancestry with the help of host Tyrone Edwards.