S1 : E1


Frances visits Winterveld, a large town north of Pretoria. There she meets up with Bertha and Elma, two community members who are responsible for the thriving, Ekhukuseleni Hospice Garden. Frances meets Pauline in the Hospice kitchen where she learns how to make a staple South African dish, Chicken, Pap, spinach and gravy which she eats…with her hands.

S1 : E2

Clover Mamma

Frances arrives at the informal settlement of Sweetwaters. Here, she meets with Mama Shirley who established the Ebenezer Hannah Home, a facility for disadvantaged children as well as neglected elderly members of the community. Frances heads to the kitchen in order to learn a recipe for Cabbage Bredie, which she then shares with a few members of the elderly community before leaving the home.

S1 : E3


Frances travels to the heart of Johannesburg to visit The Dischem Foundation. She meets Sherry who gives her background on the land and invites her to explore the garden. Frances and Johanna prepare a delicious vegetable pasta, using the herbs picked earlier, which they share with the gardeners who work at Cluny Farm.

S1 : E4


Frances visits Siyakana Urban Food Garden situated in Observatory, in the inner city of Johannesburg. She talks with Professor Michael Rudolph who has transformed the land into the oasis that it is today. Frances meets with Irene and Muofhe, who have set up a kitchen outside in order to prepare a traditional meal of Kumnandi. Frances enjoys a meal with 2 chefs and a few other volunteers from the garden.

S1 : E5

Orange Farm

Frances travels to Orange Farm, a suburb of Johannesburg to visit the Arekopaneng Child & Youth Development Centre. Poppy and Frances discuss the benefits the garden has had on the youth that the center provides for, whilst searching for green onions to pick for a meal. Frances eats with a few of the students who are celebrating their graduation.

S1 : E6


Frances is in Kommetjie, a town not far from Cape Town. She is taken to Kommetjie primary school neighborhood farm where she meets with Justin Bonello, a well pronounced chef and creator of the Urban Farmers Garden initiative. Frances gives us instructions on how to create an indoor vegetable garden using mason jars and a few other materials.

S1 : E7

Ikhaya Le Themba

In this episode Frances visits the largest township in South Africa, Khayelitsha, an informal settlement outside of Cape Town. Frances tell us how to build a home window box for a constant supply of fresh food. In the kitchen, Cynthia shows Frances how they prepare a Hungry Tummy pack, a staple diet of the poor community.

S1 : E8


Frances visits Moya We Khaya Garden in Kayelitsha, a township near the City of Cape Town. She meets with Christina, who founded the garden in 2014. Frances also has a chat with Sicelo, who after being homeless in the city, was given a new chance at life by being offered a position in the garden.

S1 : E9


Frances arrives in Cape Town and makes her way to The Oranjezicht Urban City Farm. Here she meets Kurt, who is the Co-Founder and General manager of the garden. Frances meets back up with Kurt, where he has set up an outdoor kitchen where they will be making a dish of roast veg with kale and walnut pesto on a bed of sorghum.

S1 : E10


Frances travels to the informal settlement of Blikkiesdorp, to visit the HOPE community center. Frances and Patrick collect beans from the garden to be used in the meal later on. Francis then meets Stacy in kitchen where she learns how to prepare a green bean stew.