S1 : E1

Welcome to the Jungle

Guillaume arrives in Central Borneo"," Indonesia"," where he meets with his guide who knows exactly where to kick off this adventure.

S1 : E2

The Dayak Way

Guillaume dives right into his Dayak training. It's going to take more than words to make his challenge a success.

S1 : E3

Head Spinners of Borneo

Guillaume meets the hip hop community of Palangkaraya and discovers what they're all about.

S1 : E4

Culture in Nature

Guillaume explores the deeper meaning of Dayak culture and its relation with nature.

S1 : E5

One With the Tribe

Guillaume is on the search to find his inner strength. Will he make it to the end of his journey?

S1 : E6

The Warrior Within

Guillaume has one thing left to do: perform for the locals!