In each episode of this stunning series, pairs of glampers get away from it all through unforgettable, eco-tourism experiences; from mobile yurts in Mongolia and floating tents in Cambodia, to a leopard trail camp in Sri Lanka.

S1 : E102

Animal Encounters

Let these animals brighten your day!

S1 : E1

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Chef and Mixologist Woo Wai Leong travel to Mongolia with his manager Audrey Lim, to find inspiration in the uniqueness of a nomadic lifestyle. In his first glamping experience, Wai Leong learns new recipes to include in his culinary and mixing repertoire.

S1 : E2

Norden Camp, Tibet (China)

Fashion designer and tapestry artist Ginette Chittick journeys to China, Tibet seeking inspiration for her artworks while glamping with her sister-in-law, Andrea. In this episode, Ginette learns about sustainable textile production and its impact on local economies.

S1 : E3

Avalon Steppes, Fethiye (Turkey)

Glamping on holiday together for the first time, Curator Adele Tan and her actor-businessman father Michael Tan, explore the sights and tastes of Fethiye, Turkey, in the process discovering more about each other and their relationship.

S1 : E4

Jalman Meadows, Gobi Desert (Mongolia)

Social entrepreneur Prasoon Kumar takes his family glamping in the lush meadows of Mongolia for an action-packed adventure. By interacting with the nomads and observing their lifestyle, he discovers how traditional yurt design can help in his mission to alleviate the problem of homelessness.

S1 : E5

4-Rivers Floating Lodge, Tatai (Cambodia)

Musician Inch Chua and her mother Betty travel to the Cambodian rainforest to reconnect with nature while glamping in an eco-resort by the river. The natural environment and encounters with the people provide Inch with inspiration for her music.

S1 : E6

Kodev Wilderness Tented Camp, Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka)

Singapore National Wakeboarder Melanie Tan and her friend Ain, journey to the beaches of Sri Lanka for a glamping adventure. In their encounters with people and nature, they find out how sustainable tourism can help rural communities.

S1 : E7

Amanwana, Moyo Island (Indonesia)

Culture programming consultant Tracy Philips and her good friend Heidi Lahtinen travel to a remote Indonesian island to get in touch with nature. Disconnecting from the modern digital lifestyle and immersing herself in the lush environment gives Tracy ideas for her next creative project.

S1 : E8

Leopard Trails Camp, Yala National Park (Sri Lanka)

Zoo design consultant Bernard Harrison and his actress daughter Sharda Harrison embark on a safari-style glamping journey in the heart of Sri Lanka's national park. The pair bonds over their love for animals and nature as they experience adventures and encounters in the wild.

S1 : E101

Weird Activities

Making traditional Turkish food is as easy as washing your clothes!