From zip lining in Costa Rica, swimming with wild dolphins in the Azores, climbing ancient pyramids in Mexico or discovering the tropical beaches of Cambodia, Holidays Unpacked takes us to on trend destinations on every day budgets.

S1 : E1

Israel & Costa Rica

Lucy Hedges heads to Israel to discover the desert on Europe’s doorstep. Meanwhile, Morland Sanders visits Costa Rica to experience an adventure holiday in a tropical paradise.

S1 : E2

Marrakesh & Mexico

Lucy Hedges ventures to Morocco to take in the vibrant souks of Marrakesh before relaxing amongst the spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains. Morland Sanders heads to the stunning beaches of Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

S1 : E3

Cape Verde & The Azores

Lucy Hedges visits Cape Verde, where she relaxes in the year round sunshine before heading out from the golden beaches to sail the blue ocean waters and dive over one of over 70 shipwrecks on the Islands. The Azores are known as “Europe’s answer to Hawaii” and Morland experiences the wild side of these volcanic islands.

S1 : E4

Cambodia & Iceland

Lucy Hedges visits Cambodia, the up and coming destination of the Far East. Morland is in Iceland visiting the dramatic backdrops to some of Hollywood’s biggest movies.