Would you go 1500 miles for a meal? Well, that’s how far the average entrée travels to arrive on your plate! Now there’s a new breed of foodie and they won’t eat anything unless it’s grown in their own region. Look out. Here come the Locavores IN SEARCH OF FOOD! Each week master chef and proud locavore Scott Pampuch travels across the nation hunting for home grown heros of the artisanal food movement.

S1 : E1


Barton Seaver meets Scott Pampuch, owner of Corner Table; Barton visits a local creamery.

S1 : E2

New York

Barton explores an Upper East Side locovore restaurant and walks through an Italian market looking for fresh pasta.

S1 : E3

San Francisco

Fresh produce from the Farmers market; Hog Island Oyster Company's fresh oysters; the Mona Lisa cut of pork.

S1 : E4

Boulder, Colorado

Scott meets up with celebrated author, chef and educator, Ann Cooper. In 2009, Ann founded Food Family Farming Foundation as a nonprofit focusing on solutions to the school food crisis. F3's pivotal project is The Lunch Box - a web portal that provides free and accessible tools, recipes and community connections to support school food reform.

S1 : E5

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Scott visits with Joel Salatin, who came to prominence in the local food movement when Michael Pollan’s NY Times bestseller ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ held up his Virginian farm as the best model in America for sustainable farming.

S1 : E6

San Diego

Scott meets committed vegan, farmer and Grammy award winning rock star, Jason Mraz on his southern California avocado farm. Jason has won an Environmental Media Award, a SIMA Humanitarian of the Year Award and A Cleanwater Award from the Surfrider Foundation for his energetic and inspiring commitment to a range of ecological campaigns.