Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World

The contrast between the majestic statues of Easter Island and the desolation of their surroundings is stark. For decades, Easter Island has been seen as a warning for the planet as a whole: exhaust natural resources and the collapse of civilisation is inevitable. But Dr Jago Cooper believes that this is a disastrous misreading of what happened on Easter Island. Far from being a failure, the culture was a success story – and the real reasons for its demise were not the actions of its people.

Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait

In this one-hour special, Gordon investigates the history, culture and controversy surrounding the shark fishing industry. Each year, nearly 100 million sharks worldwide are killed for use of their fins in the traditional Chinese delicacy, driving a third of the world's shark species towards extinction. Gordon also goes diving in an attempt to gain a full understanding of the majestic animal.

Havana Curveball

Mica, is a classic young teen. Enthusiastic. Idealistic. Dreaming baseball. At 13, he is studying for his Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming of age rite. An earnest kid, he takes to heart his Rabbi's requirement to help "heal the world." Imagining himself a savior of sorts, he launches a grand plan to send baseballs to Cuba, a country with a mysterious pull. He knows only that Cubans are poor and love baseball-and that Cuba saved his grandpa's life. On a hunch, his award-winning filmmaker parents pick up their camera. They know the U.S. embargo with Cuba-and the complications of growing up-will throw him a curveball.

It’s Only Rock ’n Roll

When the Rolling Stones make their historic first visit to Havana, only one Cuban photographer gets a press pass—revolutionary and rock fan, Ivan Soca Pascual.

Masters Of The Pacific Coast: Arrival

Archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper explores the American Northwest, revealing how a culture was established on the coast that has lasted for over 10,000 years – making it perhaps the longest continuous culture anywhere in the Americas.

Masters Of The Pacific Coast: Survival

In the second of two episodes, archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper explores the American Northwest, revealing how a cultural tradition that began over 10,000 years ago managed to survive against the odds.

Wheel of Life

Meet El Oso “The Bear,”one of the founders of Cuban Salsa— Casino de Rueda. Still on the dance floor approaching 70, his charisma and fancy footwork broke new ground for black dancers after the revolution, and helped launch a global dance phenomenon.