S1 : E1

Lost Landmarks!

Kyle meets up with his friend, NYC historian, and creative technologist, Matt Felsen at his Lost Landmarks 3D Viewer at Grand Central Terminal.

S1 : E2

NY Classics!

Kyle visits with his friend and rising star, Bridget Everett and takes her to an East Village staple, the quirky Ray's Belgian French Fry shop that epitomizes old New York City.

S1 : E3

The Queer Interior!

Kyle's friend Douglas Calhoun, creator of the Queer Interior website, visits Kyle's apartment and collection.

S1 : E4

The Haarcut

Kyle visits his good friend, ragtime barber, Michael Haar's apartment in Queens to see his vintage phonograph and barber shop collection, and a get a new 'do.

S1 : E5

Drawn Me In!

Kyle visits his friend, blind-contour illustrator Ian Sklarsky, and both pay a visit to veteran illustrator Robert. W Richards.

S1 : E6

Flea Is Me

Kyle visits his favorite flea market, the Chelsea Flea Market, to see what New York characters are visiting on it's final weekend inside The Garage.

S1 : E7

Bear With Me!

We venture to Staten Island to make a meal with the "Bearmallow" creator and chef, R. Bear Karito.

S1 : E8

I Lava NY!

Fellow collector Bryin Dall shows Kyle around his amazing collection of mid-century lighting, lava lamps, and fantastic plastics.

S1 : E9

The Jazz Age Lawn Party!

Kyle meets up with his friends, the crew behind the very vintage Jazz Age Lawn Party held each year at New York's Governor's Island.