Exploring the rise and fall of the forgotten Central American civilizations with Dr. Jago Cooper.

S1 : E1

Kingdom of the Jaguar

Dr. Jago Cooper journeys through Southern Mexico to investigate the rise and fall of America's oldest civilization, the Olmec, who thrived over 3000 years ago.

S1 : E2

The People Who Greeted Columbus

The Taino, the first people of the Americas to greet Christopher Columbus, had an amazing multicultural society complete with drug infused rituals, strange skulls and amazing navigation.

S1 : E3

Between Oceans and Empires

Dr. Jago explores the forgotten people of ancient Costa Rica, who built a series of spectacular settlements amongst the rivers and volcanoes of Central America.

S1 : E4

The Place Where Time Began

Dr. Jago Cooper explores the ancient civilization of Teotihuacan that exploded into a position of dominance in the ancient Americas almost 2000-years ago.