S1 : E1

Paris Part 1

In the first episode of Luke Nguyen’s France, Luke embarks on a culinary journey through the heart of Paris, discovering Parisians passion for decadence and tradition.

S1 : E2

Paris Part 2

Luke digs deeper into Parisian food culture and local life. Luke sets up his kitchen on a friend’s rooftop to cook pot-au-feu, the original French dish that became Vietnam’s iconic staple, Pho. He tries his hand a crafting a true French baguette.

S1 : E3


Luke heads west to Strasbourg where develops a taste for all things Alsatian.

S1 : E4

Port-Lesney (Franche-Comte)

Luke continues his journey to the Franche-Comté where he finds age-old recipes and experiences new levels of decadence.

S1 : E5


Luke heads to the food capital of France – Lyon. Teaming up with a celebrity chef, he makes a classic Salad Lyonnaise and explores Lyon’s famous silk tunnels. Luke has an early morning wine before setting up kitchen in the middle of a farmer’s market.

S1 : E6


Luke journeys to Marseille, the capital of Provence, where he immerses himself in the city’s food and art culture.

S1 : E7


Luke heads to jewel of the French Riviera, Nice, where the fresh produce is as beautiful as the scenery.

S1 : E8

Biarritz & Ile d'Oleron

Luke explores the country’s southwest sampling Basque delicacies in Biarritz and oysters on the island of Oleron.

S1 : E9

Ile d'Oleron

Luke continues his voyage around the oyster island of Oleron before discovering the food traditions of the Loire Valley.

S1 : E10

Loire Valley & Saint Malo

Luke experiences life and food on the Loire River before finishing his journey in the seaside town of St Malo.