Incredible women with stories to tell.

S1 : E1

Dr. Audrey Evans & Mo’ne Davis

Dr. Audrey Evans is a world-renowned Oncologist whose career has spanned more than 60 years. Next up is 16-year-old baseball sensation, Mo’ne Davis. She became a sports icon when she was just 13 as the first girl to ever pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history.

S1 : E2

Kat Cole & Dr. Arabia Mollette

These Modern Heroes have overcome unthinkable obstacles to pursue their dreams. First up is Kat Cole, one of the most influential business leaders in the country, who went from Hooters hostess to Group President of a multibillion-dollar brand portfolio. Next meet Dr. Arabia Mollette, who went from living on the streets to becoming an ER doctor.

S1 : E3

Patrice Banks & Michelle Poler

On this episode of Modern Hero, meet two incredible women who took destiny into their own hands. First up, Patrice Banks. She's an engineer turned entrepreneur, who's shattering gender stereotypes as the Founder and CEO of Girls Auto Clinic, the nation's first all-female auto mechanic shop with an attached beauty bar!  Next up, Michelle Poler, a native of Caracas, Venezuela who realized her crippling anxiety and fear stopped her from living life to the fullest. Instead of retreating, she ran towards her fears - ALL 100 in 100 days!

S1 : E4

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy & Amy Wright

When Lauren Scruggs Kennedy exited the plane in December 2011, she had no idea that not only would she be fighting for her life, but through tragedy, she would find her purpose. Next, 2017 CNN Hero of the Year, Amy Wright, was inspired by her two children with Down Syndrome to start a movement through her coffee shop franchise, Bitty & Beau’s.

S1 : E5

Sister Mary Scullion & Meg Saligman

On this episode of Modern Hero, you’ll meet Sister Mary Scullion, named by TIME Magazine as one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World" for her relentless dedication to eradicating homelessness. And then there’s world-renowned public artist Meg Saligman, who has created installations honoring the likes of Pope Francis and Martin Luther King Junior.

S1 : E6

Lauren Lake and Project HEAL

First meet Lauren Lake, a lawyer, professional singer, interior designer, and now the judge on the Emmy award-winning series Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court. Kristina Saffran and Liana Rosenman both battled eating disorders and joined forces to stamp out the mental illness for good.