S1 : E1

The Beginning

Rob dares Jay to go after his ultimate dream: owning a complete library of NES games. But there’s a twist: The duo make an old school game out of it by limiting the quest to 30 days, with no internet purchases. Jay starts his quest, but is he ready for how things might unfold?

S1 : E2

Get the Heck Out of Here, You Nerd!

Jay leaves his comfort zone of his home town and ventures into the USA. Strange shops, rival gamers, and a lot of unknowns start to weigh on him and the chances of him succeeding.

S1 : E3

What A Horrible Night to Have a Curse

Jay’s quest takes another nose dive as he’s forced back home, and his deal for Stadium Events, the most coveted game on his list, might not be as secure as he thought.

S1 : E4

The Final Push

With only a few days left, Jay races to get the handful of games left on his list. Things might come right down to the wire as he’s forced to retread familiar hunting grounds for any unexpected boosts of fortune.

S2 : E1

Power Tour - Los Angeles, CA

Join Jay and Rob as they hit the road for the world premiere of “Nintendo Quest,” in Beverly Hills. Rob discovers some Sega gems at a local game store and sets Jay up for a secret competition against a world record holder.

S2 : E2

Power Tour - Las Vegas, NV

After visiting the location of a famous video game movie, Jay and Rob travel to Las Vegas for a big community gathering where they’re the guests of honor.

S2 : E3

Power Tour - Austin, TX

Jay and Rob travel to Austin, TX to screen “Nintendo Quest” at Classic Game Fest. With a ton of game venders, both Jay and Rob have a chance to knock off more games on their list plus meet up with a few icons.

S2 : E4

Power Tour - Houston, TX

After their time in Austin, Jay and Rob head to Houston to screen “Nintendo Quest” at the legendary Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Before the screening, they’re invited to a private collection that takes up an entire house.

S2 : E5

Power Tour - Columbus, OH

Jay and Rob return to Columbus where they filmed parts of “Nintendo Quest.” In their trek, they come across a “holy grail,” some familiar faces, and engage in a healthy dose of pop culture banter en route to screening the film at the Gateway Film Center.

S2 : E6

Power Tour - DuBois, PA

Rob sets Jay up for another secret competition with a world record holder, and they each find more rare games on their list. This stop is a special, “reunion-like,” screening of “Nintendo Quest” with many guests and locations from the original film.

S2 : E7

Power Tour - London, ON, Canada

It’s an epic time for Jay and Rob as they bring “Nintendo Quest” to their home town. Between local radio interviews, guests from England, and visiting game developer studio, it’s a whirlwind episode that encompasses the largest crowd for a screening yet!

S2 : E8

Power Tour - Portland, OR

The final stop of the Power Tour sees Rob and Jay bring the film to Portland as part of the world’s largest retro gaming convention. With 100s of vendors, this is their last chance to secure games for their list and end the entire summer on a high-note.

S2 : E9

Power Tour - Behind the Scenes

Director Rob McCallum takes viewers behind the scenes and shows them a number of awesome segments, and moments that didn’t make the cut during the stops in each city. There’s tears, surprises, and genuine heart in this final episode.