Rock The Park

Pictured Rocks: Sleds and Snow Beds

S1 / E21

The guys face off with Mother Nature in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, spending a cold winter in a snow trench before taking on a 70-foot wall of ice for a climb like none they’ve done before.

S1 : E1

Katmai: Where the Bears Are

Hosts Jack and Colton get up close and personal with the massive brown bears of Katmai National Park in Alaska. The guys watch bears fish for salmon and dig for clams along the Pacific Coast and camp out in the back country surrounded by bears.

S1 : E2

Glacier Bay: White Thunder

Jack and Colton experience the awesome power of Mother Nature in Alaska as they kayak with whales and sea otters through Glacier Bay National Park, witness glaciers crashing into the sea and trek to get up close to a mammoth Glacier.

S1 : E3

North Cascades: Life on the Edge

Going off the beaten path takes on new meaning for Jack and Colton in the “American Alps” in North Cascades National Park in Washington, as they’re pushed to the limit and forced to overcome fears in a quest to make the climb of their lives.

S1 : E4

Olympic: Obstacles and Animals

Goats, marmots and owls are just a few of the creatures that Jack and Colton meet as they venture through Olympic National Park. From rainforest to rocky coast to the magnificent mountains, the guys discover why Olympic is really three parks in one.

S1 : E5

Katmai: Journey to the Volcano

Jack and Colton trudge through miles upon miles of volcanic ash and forge a treacherous river in search of one of the most powerful volcanoes on earth. Oh, and they are on constant alert for browns bears too.

S1 : E6

Voyageurs: Living off the Land

Jack and Colton head into the northland of their home state of Minnesota to live like the Voyageurs did centuries ago. If they don’t gather it or catch it, they don’t eat as they paddle their way across these awesome interconnected lakes.

S1 : E7

Glacier National Park: Rocky Mountain High

Jack and Colton prepare for a possible encounter with grizzly bears as they head high into the Rockies and across the continental divide on their first back-packing adventure in Glacier National Park.

S1 : E8

Glacier National Park: Bears, Big Horns and Glaciers

The guys have a run-in with a bear and a showdown with big horn sheep as the hit the trails and the epic Going-to-the-Sun Road of Glacier National Park.

S1 : E9

Shenandoah: Climbing Virginia Rocks

Jack and Colton take on Old Rag, one of the most dangerous trails in Shenandoah National Park, then belay each other 110-feet straight up a rock cliff.

S1 : E10

Mammoth Cave: All About the Bats

The guys creep and crawl for miles through the underground of Mammoth Cave National Park, and help researchers capture wild bats to track a deadly disease.

S1 : E11

Zion: Red Rock Canyons High and Narrow

Jack and Colton trek miles through an icy cold river, then hold on for dear life while climbing one of Zion National Park’s scariest trails.

S1 : E12

Bryce Canyon: Horses, Hoodoos and Mud Water

Jack and Colton saddle up and check out the land of hoodoos, then go back country camping… ultra-light with no tent. It’s just them and the creatures of the canyon floor.

S1 : E13

Yellowstone National Park: Hot Spots and Wildlife

The guys learn about the supervolcano that lies deep beneath the park and check out the hot spots it creates. Then they track the parks elusive wolves and other awesome wildlife.

S1 : E14

Yellowstone: Old Park, New Views

Jack and Colton experience the power of the Yellowstone River at its own Grand Canyon, towering waterfalls, and white water rapids.

S1 : E15

Sequoia: In the Land of the Giants

Jack and Colton trek through the land of giants in Sequoia National Park. Then it’s a face-off with fear as they take on a 150-foot climb straight up a sheer granite rock wall.

S1 : E16

Death Valley: Destination Desert

Jack and Colton head to Death Valley National Park in search of one of the most scarce resources in the park… water.

S1 : E17

Joshua Tree: A Climber's Paradise

It’s a rocky ride for Colton and Jack as they explore the Chasm of Doom and climb The Eye of the Cyclops in Joshua Tree National Park.

S1 : E18

Haleakala: In the House of the Sun

Colton and Jack are on the island of Maui checking out Haleakala National Park. They’re flying high and riding low while exploring the house of the sun.

S1 : E19

Hawaii Volcanoes: Trekking Mauna Loa

Jack and Colton are taking on Mauna Loa, the largest volcano on Earth, battling altitude sickness and the threat of severe weather along the way.

S1 : E20

Everglades National Park: Slough Slogging and Sea Kayaking

Colton and Jack are slogging their way through the sloughs of Everglades National Park. Then it’s a marathon kayak adventure out to one of the remote keys in the Gulf Coast.

S1 : E21

Pictured Rocks: Sleds and Snow Beds

The guys face off with Mother Nature in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, spending a cold winter in a snow trench before taking on a 70-foot wall of ice for a climb like none they’ve done before.

S1 : E22

Santa Monica Mountains: From Canyon to Coast

Jack and Colton are in the largest urban national park in the U.S. experiencing a canyon’s to coast adventure with mountain biking and whale watching. Then the guys hit the waves for their first surfing experience ever!

S1 : E23

Best of Wildlife

Hosts Jack Steward and Colton Smith relive some of their best wildlife encounters in the nation’s national parks.

S1 : E24

Best of: Eat, Drink, Sleep

Camping in the national parks is always an interesting experience for Colton and Jack, especially when it comes to finding resources for food and water and a place to sleep.

S1 : E25

Best of Bears

From the remote wilds of Alaska to the high Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming, there’s one animal that draws people to the national parks. Today, Jack and Colton revisit some of their greatest bear encounters and experiences.

S1 : E26

Best of: Adventures

Colton and Jack have crisscrossed the country for some truly epic national park adventures from rafting the mighty Yellowstone River to the deep underground of Mammoth Cave and hiking to the top of the largest volcano in the world in Hawaii.

S2 : E1

Cumberland: Island Animal Encounters

The guys visit one of the last undeveloped beaches on the Atlantic coast. Cumberland Island National Seashore is home to tons of wildlife and Jack and Colton see it all from manatees to manta rays, and alligators to wild horses.

S2 : E2

Dry Tortugas: Fort Finds and Deep Dives

Dry Tortugas National Park has Colton and Jack taking their exploration into the sea, diving deep to check one of the largest coral reefs in the world and the marine life that call it home, from stingrays, to goliath grouper and even nurse sharks.

S2 : E3

Great Smoky: Big , Tiny & Slimy

Jack and Colton head deep into the woods to learn about the amazing life of black bears, and then they search for some of the tiniest inhabitants of the Great Smokies. Finally, it’s a lung-busting hike to the top of a Smoky Mountain peak.

S2 : E4

Padre Island: Keeping up with the Kemp's Ridleys

Colton and Jack hit the beach for a raucous wind surfing race. Then it’s hush-hush in the hatching room where the guys see endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles emerged fromtheir shells before making their own mad dash to the ocean.

S2 : E5

Apostle Islands: Sunken Ships and Carved Caves

Hosts Jack Steward and Colton Smith explore the iconic sea caves carved into the cliffs of Lake Superior BY both kayaks and below the surface in scuba gear. Plus they check out a 100 year-old shipwreck sunk by Superior’s wrath.

S2 : E6

Glacier National Park: Grizzly Bears and Rough Rapids

Jungle Jack Hanna joins the guys on a story-filled hike through bear country. The guys get a good look at a grizzly and take on some of the roughest whitewater rapids they’ve ever experienced.

S2 : E7

Denali: What Lies Beneath

Jack and Colton are in Denali National Park traversing a crevasse-laden glacier to take on their first Alaskan Peak!

S2 : E8

Aniakchak: Wicked Whitewater

Remote wilderness takes on a whole new meaning as Colton and Jack take on the white-water ride of their lives in Alaska’s Aniakchak National Monument.

S2 : E9

Craters of the Moon

Lava caves and cinder buttes are giving Jack and Colton a park experience like no other as they explore the strangest 75 square miles in North America, in Idaho.

S2 : E10

Denali: The Big Five

Colton and Jack are taking on Denali and hoping to spot all of the parks Big Five. Plus, they’re spending some time with the Denali sled dogs and the pups in training.

S2 : E11

Mount Rainier: Man Against Mountain

Jack and Colton team with U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell for hike up Mount Rainier.

S2 : E12

Grand Teton: Climbing in Grand Exposure

Jack and Colton are in Grand Teton National Park for the biggest challenge of their lives… climbing the Grand!

S2 : E13

Rocky Mountain: Ridin' High

Jack and Colton are checking out The Rockies the same way visitors have for centuries… by hoof and by foot. Then they face an unexpected challenge while rock climbing a rock formation called the Twin Owls.

S2 : E14

Capitol Reef: Cliffs, Canyons and Culture

The guys hit the cliffs and canyons of Capitol Reef National Park in Utah to explore the history of the first settlers who called the land home.

S2 : E15

Acadia: Boulders and the Bay

Colton and Jack head to Maine’s Rocky Coast for a taste of Acadia National Park. Spotting seals and dolphins to Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons… it’s an unforgettable wildlife adventure down east!

S2 : E16

South Dakota: Road Trip

Colton and Jack are road trippin’ through South Dakota. After a stop in Custer State Park, they’ll do their best not to get stuck in Jewell Cave or lost in Badlands National Park.

S2 : E17

Big Bend: Bent But Dont Break

Jack and Colton mess with Texas and Texas strikes back. Rattlesnakes, intense heat and the Rio Grande’s Rock Slide give the guys all they can handle in the Lone Star State.

S2 : E18

St. Croix: Into the Abyss

Colton and Jack are on exploring the island of St. Croix both above and below the surface. After lighting up the night in a bioluminescent bay they head into another kind of darkness… a wall dive into the abyss.

S2 : E19

Virgin Islands National Park

Jack and Colton are in Virgin Islands National Park in St. John, USVI. After hiking through the islands history, they’ll trade in sunshine for moonlight to take on their first night scuba dive.

S2 : E20

Great Basin: Top to Bottom Extremes

Mother Nature and elevation really push the guys to their limits while trekking up the tallest peak in Great Basin National Park. After that, it’s all downhill and underground when they go on a wild caving mission for the park.

S2 : E21

Yosemite: Uphills and Down Falls

Colton and Jack are in for some ups and down while visiting Yosemite National Park in California. And they get their hands while learning about the parks efforts to reduce trash going to landfill.

S2 : E22

Best of Wildlife: Big & Small

From grizzly bears and bison to salamanders and baby sea turtles, Jack and Colton come across all sizes of animals during their adventures. It’s a look back at all the best of big and small wildlife in our national parks.

S2 : E23

Best of Extreme Landscapes

The varied landscapes of the national parks push Jack and Colton to the limit as they look back at some of their greatest adventures.

S2 : E24

Best of Water Adventures

Whether it’s shooting rapids, diving deep, kayaking caves or climbing ice it’s easy to get a little wet and wild in the national parks. Jack and Colton look back at some of the best water adventures.

S2 : E25

Best of California National Parks

Colton and Jack look back on their best adventures featuring California’s national parks. Included: Whale-watching, surfing and the Chasm of Doom.

S2 : E26

Yellowstone - Fire and Ice

It is destination fire and ice as Jack and Colton head to Yellowstone National Park for a winter adventure in the Rockies.